Lemme take a peek at your drawers…..

…..and I want to know what you’ve got lurking at the back of your closet, too.  It’s getting to the point that I don’t have anything to wear.  All of my pants are droopy in the butt, and baggy in the crotch, and I can pull them off without undoing them.  It’s not a pretty sight.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled with the irrefutable evidence that my new eating habits are having a positive effect on the shape of my body, but it’s getting a bit disspiriting, not having anything to put on in the morning.

I have some jeans in the next size down, but for some reason I didn’t keep anything in the size I am now.  I must have listened to some “throw out anything you haven’t worn in a year” or “don’t buy or keep clothes to wear when you lose weight” type advice.  Should I just tough it out while I lose the next 10 pounds, or should I go and get a cheap pair of jeans and some yoga pants that fit me now?  I know I’ll have more fun shopping for clothes once I’ve hit my goal, but self-image and self confidence have a lot to do with my success, and clothes  do play into that for me.  What are you guys wearing?


6 responses to “Lemme take a peek at your drawers…..

  1. I understand completely! I’m wearing an old pair of khakis that I wore a year or two ago, some cheap jeans from Target, and some yoga pants that will last a couple of sizes. I have the next two sizes down and then I’ll have to buy new stuff, so I’m probably good until next fall.

    Also, I’m a bit fearful of regaining weight, so while I’ve taken larger stuff out of my closet, those clothes are temporarily stored in a box in my basement until I feel brave enough to donate them.

  2. Absolutely go right now and get some new pants. I have a whole blog post in process about how much easier it is to continue the journey when you actually feel better about the way you look in public.
    Yes, they’ll just be in your drawers temporarily, but it’ll give you so much mentally.
    Write in after you do it and tell me if you think I was right. I’ll be interested to hear!

  3. Do buy a few things….it is true that you feel better when you look better, but things that you can still fit into when you lose weight…you know, things that are supposed to be loose, or accessories, I just bought a pair of boots for winter and I just started fitting into my old jeans that I can wear with them. I have a lot of summer things that I cant squeeze into because I gained weight so fast over winter last year that I hadnt even bought a new summer wardrobe yet, got out my summer things and they didn’t fit. But summer is almost over now so by next summer they might fit. (I hope.) My winter things fit anyway because they are all loose fitting and fat hiding. ooops.

  4. Definitely go find somethings that fit… even if you are planning on losing more… than you feel great and get the full effect of your weight loss… way to go! I am dealing with the opposite problem… I can’t fit into anything because it is too tight! I need to get on it and start losing…

  5. A well fitting pair of jeans is -essential- for me…to maintain confidence and keep losing. I wear sweat pants during the day, and my one pair of jeans when I go out in public. It’s not ideal, but it works for me.

  6. You MUST have a pair of jeans that fit!! Well OK… maybe you don’t, but I must!

    And the fun thing is to shrink out of the new jeans you bought just a few months ago! If you have messed up eyesight when it comes to mirrors like I do, it is the only way to gauge your progress. Loose jeans don’t tell you much, but tight jeans that become loose? They speak volumes!

    I buy a new pair of jeans at each size, and then I have a pair of yoga pants and a pair of draw string cargos that will cover me for another size or two.

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