For the chocolate lovers

By Jen

Here’s a little something to sweeten your week: There is increasing evidence that chocolate is good for your heart.  But not just any chocolate; dark chocolate is what you need, not milk or white (and many would argue that white chocolate is not chocolate at all).  Recent studies show that ingredients in dark chocolate can help promote heart health, reduce the risk of some types of cancer, improve insulin sensitivity, control blood pressure and may even have a future role in preventing Alzheimer’s disease.  For more information, see this article in the Washington Post.

Of course, chocolate is still not a health food.  It’s high in fat, sugar, and calories, so keep your portions small.  Indulging in a small amount won’t kill you or throw your diet off course.  Just remember:  A little square of good quality dark chocolate is vastly superior to large piles of M&Ms.

As for myself, as I’ve been learning new food habits in the past few months, my attitudes toward chocolate and sweets in general have changed drastically.  I used to eat chocolate — usually cheap stuff like Hershey’s and M&Ms — throughout the day.  Now, however, not only I have cut w-a-y back on the quantity I consume, I’ve also started going for quality.  I’m buying myself good stuff, like Dagoba Organic Chocolate bars, and having a square or two after dinner.  If I’m having one of THOSE days, I’ll have a square during the afternoon as a pick-me-up, but not every day.  Eating the good stuff has spoiled me and now I can’t imagine ever resuming my love affair with Hershey’s.  The M&Ms, however, will probably remain a guilty pleasure, but only as a one night stand every now and then.


8 responses to “For the chocolate lovers

  1. There’s a whole bunch of Hershey’s kisses lying around my house and I’m not even tempted. Dark chocolate is for meeeeeee! Mmmmmmm.

  2. I’ve done the same thing as you – gone from eating family size bars of Hershey’s or Cadbury’s to eating a square or two of Green&Black’s organic dark chocolate – the Maya Gold with orange and spices is my new fave. Mmm……

  3. Huh… I had a little milk chocolate heart last night, and it was so UNFULFILLING! It’s to the point where only the dark will do.

  4. Lucky for you M&M’s now has a dark chocolate version.

  5. Oh yeah, once you go over to the good chocolate, it’s real tough to go back to the cheap stuff. Every now and then I try to get slutty with M&Ms, but I find I can’t. Not since Dagoba stole my heart…

  6. I *love* Dagoba, and also Green & Black’s chocolate. Unfortunately it hasn’t caused me to cut back any on the peanut butter M&Ms. Those I could eat 3x a day for a year.

  7. Try Lindt 80%! It has an incredibly low fat content and consists mainly of the actual chocolate (after that long process).

    The antioxidant’s are what you’re after – and it really is worth it. Once you get it, you will never look back. 🙂

  8. And I DON’T work for them – it’s just darned good chocolate.

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