The Inadvertent Detox

Have any of you have ever tried any of the detox programs and supplements on the market? What did you think? I’ve always thought they were, at best, a waste of money, and at worst, dangerous. I also think that most people who use them, despite claims of wanting to be healthier, use them to lose weight. The claims are great – weight loss, glossier hair, stronger nails, clear skin, more energy, better sleep….who wouldn’t want it? You can have it – and you don’t need to spend the money.

When I started changing my habits 5 weeks ago, it wasn’t to get healthy. It was vanity, pure and simple. I want to get back into my skinny jeans. My pre-husband and kids jeans. Jeans I haven’t worn in 6 years. I started drinking more water. I stopped eating most sugar and fat, and I started eating more fruit and vegetables instead. I started having plain yogurt and homemade granola for breakfast. I started making my own food, and cutting way back on packaged and processed ‘foods’. And I think that I’ve detox-ed! I certainly didn’t plan it, but as I was putting on lotion after a bath last night I realized that my skin was clear. I’d been having good hair days (though that’s due in no small part to a long overdue cut and highlights), none of my nails were split or broken. My digestion is better, I haven’t had a stomachache or cramps in 5 weeks. When I had my period this month, it came without the usual bloating, cramping, and mood swings.

It’s great to have all these fringe benefits, but the truth? I’m still most happy about this – when I woke up this morning and tip-toed onto the scale, I was down another 2 pounds. A total of 13. And I can pull off the jeans I’m wearing without undoing the button.


7 responses to “The Inadvertent Detox

  1. wooo hooo! That is amazing! Good for you. I did that same thing with my jeans the other day, and did a happy dance right on top of them.
    And congratulations on thinking of it as a lifestyle change rather than a “diet”. I think that’s key.

  2. Wow!!! GREAT job!

    I’m with you, I think we all detox when we start doing things right. I’m experiencing similar results.

  3. There is NO better feeling (at least in the weightloss sense) than pulling off the jeans w/o unbuttoning them! Way to go!

    Speaking of supplements and such…Dr. Oz was on Oprah this past week, talking all about the antioxidants in green tea and blueberries. Now I love me some Dr. Oz, but what I really loved was the 60 year old woman who looked like she was in her 30’s. She’s been living a life of all-around healthy food choices and exercise. And green tea, apparently.
    So I go to the grocery store today, ready to fall headfirst into an antioxidant lifestyle. Frozen blueberries…out of stock. Lipton Green Tea, Antioxidant Formula…out of stock.

    Ahhhhhh…the Power of Oprah.

  4. Congrats!! What a great place to be at. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Ah… I suck. I just wrote this cool comment and deleted it!

    The highlight of it was that only the uber-healthy and super-crunchies of my acquaintance do the cleanses (either bi-annually or annually), so as leery as I am of them, there has to be something to it. I DO have a girlfriend who is doing one for vanity purposes right now, complete with fiber supplements, herbs and detoxers and a series of body wraps afterward (going on a cruise). Biggest drawback that I see is the being sick for a few days. Anybody want to come take care of my kids and my house while I do a cleanse?

  6. I tend to think detoxes can be dangerous. They take all the good with the bad. They leave you depleted.

    I was given a recipe of one you make at home with normal ingredients. I don’t plan on trying it but have the recipe if anyone else wants to give it a try.

    The feeling you get after you detox naturally is one of total health and freedom. I was surprised (like you) how many aspects of my life improve when I give up the junk.

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