February Weigh-In and Photos

This is a c&p from my other blog.  If you want a little more back info, you can click here to get there and read.

Today’s weigh-in was at 223. 

I took measurements 14 days ago (per The Firm “you’ll see visible results in 10 workouts”) and took them again today.  My freaking arms got BIGGER!  WTH?  Everything else stayed the same except for my hips that were down 3 inches.  I don’t know if it’s really down or we measured in different places both times. 

Obviously the 100 in 365 goal isn’t going to be reached.  I should have lost almost 20 pounds by now to achieve 100 pounds in a year.  I haven’t even lost 10 pounds yet.  It’s discouraging, but I’m still going to keep going.  I’ve got to get this weight off.  At this point I’ll settle for 50 in 365.  Maybe I’ll change the title of my other blog.

I put up more photos on the progression page.  I can see that my arms are almost to the point of actually hanging by my side now!  I’ll take it!  I can also see some difference in the side and back views.  Definitely the back view.

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you next month!


3 responses to “February Weigh-In and Photos

  1. Don’t worry about losing 100 in a year. Just focus on continuing to do all the right things: Eating less, eating better, exercising more, etc. You’re doing a great job already!

  2. You’re doing fabulous, I keep getting impatient for results too, but then I think of where I would be if I hadn’t started, and where I will be in a year if I keep going at this rate. I definitely know which picture I prefer!

  3. Hey! Others have said it, but I have to reiterate… muscle weighs more than fat!

    I am wearing sizes that I wore years ago, only I was 10-15 pounds lighter then! And that’s even with the sag that comes with age and three babies!

    I’m betting the three inch loss around the waist is no mistake…. it LOOKS like a three inch loss!

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