My Trainer is an Idiot

I loved


7 responses to “My Trainer is an Idiot

  1. Go back, just don’t use a trainer who causes you severe injury (or any injury at all).

  2. By not going to the gym, you’re letting them win. They get the benefit of your membership dollars and you get nothing. I would go back and tell everyone, everyone you meet there about your personal trainer fiasco.

  3. If what you said about the turnover rate holds true, that trainer probably isn’t even there anymore. Has anyone used Better Bodies as personal trainers with any success?

  4. OK so right after writing this post I did put on my running shoes and hit the gym. I took all my frustrations out on the poor elliptical machine, and feel totally better.

    I did woos out on going up to the trainer counter and asking for a new one. I’m sure I will soon though because me cheapness is winning and I want my money’s worth.

  5. Hmmm, I never thought of hiring him out.
    I bet you could find a wealth of women who would let you dance with their toddlers on a daily basis for free. Some might even pay you to take them!

  6. omg! That’s awful….but I think you need to confront the manager again, and either get a new personal trainer, or get them to refund the money you paid. I’ve thought about hiring a personal trainer, but I really hate the gym and know that I would never keep it up long-term. I really want to get running again, but am having the hardest time scheduling it in. I am walking, and just trying to be active with the kids as often as I can, but let’s face it – the intensity of a walk with a 4 year old and 1 year old isn’t always what it could be. The physical intensity I mean, if being frustrated to the point you think your head will blow off burned calories, I’d be a stick!

  7. Gaghk! I would be truly torqued! Glad to hear that you are hitting the gym in spite of the trainer… I think I would be likely to ask for my $$ back though…. in order to apply it to your freakin’ doctor’s bill!

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