A Win-Win

Pat me on the back for two reasons.  1. I voted today 2. I walked there to vote.  Okay, okay, it’s only 1/3rd of a mile away, but my initial instinct was to hop in the car and drive there to vote.  But it’s a beautiful day, I needed more activity, and I even brought along my toddler (weight lifting).  So that added another 2700 steps to my pedometer today!  It also made me thirsty, so that upped my water intake.  It’s a win-win situation.  Now I just hope my favorite candidate win-wins.


5 responses to “A Win-Win

  1. Every bit counts – and walking anywhere with a toddler counts double!

  2. Next you need to take a tip from The Office, and figure out a win-win-WIN situation.

    Seriously, good for you!

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