Choices and Temptations

 It has occured to me that I’ve been choosing to be fat.  I’ve chosen it everyday, over and over, for years.  I have no medical impediment to losing weight.  I’ve gained weight because I eat too much, and move too little.  But it’s not too late to change my mind, and for the last 4 weeks I’ve been choosing to be thin.  When I’ve chosen to be thin as many times as I chose to be fat, I will be thin.  For every time I chose to eat a handful of cookies, and go back for more, I have to choose to stop after one.  For every time I chose to drive the two blocks to the store I have to choose to walk.  For every time I chose to cook pre-packaged fat filled meals, I have to choose to cook fresh foods, vegetables, lean meat.  It has shocked me, over the past month, to realize how much less butter and cheese I’ve had to buy, now that I’m not eating it.  How much longer a batch of cookies or muffins will last, now that I’m choosing to be thin.  This week has had some temptations, but I think I’ve dealt with them well. 

Friday was the last day of the 4th week of my new thin lifestyle.  (I refuse to say ‘diet’)  In that time I hadn’t eaten a single bite of chocolate, but I’d increasingly found myself thinking about it.  Not craving it, just thinking about how and when I would re-incorporate chocolate into my life.  Because a life without chocolate?  NO thank you!  There was a lot of snow on Friday, and by early afternoon the kids and I were starting to feel a little house-bound and stir-crazy.  I suggested an activity we’ve done many times before.  Making cookies.

 We bundled up and walked the few blocks to the store for chocolate chips, and when we got back I put Bad in his highchair with a snack, and the Princess pulled a chair up to the counter.  We measured butter and flour, sugar and oats and chocolate.  We dolloped little mounds of batter onto the baking trays, and we watched them flatten out and brown in the oven.  We lifted them onto racks to cool, and when we were done I made a pot of tea and we sat down for a tea party.  I ate one cookie.  I chose to be thin.

Yesterday we took the kids out for dinner at a place that I knew would have no healthy choices.  I suspected that the food wouldn’t even be good.  I was right, but we weren’t really going for the food.  (We went here, and a fabulous time was had by all)  I ordered the ‘small burger’ – a 3 oz patty on a small bun, as opposed to their usual 1/4 pound on a huge kaiser.  It came with a huge mound of fries, but they were of the boring frozen shoestring variety, so I let the waitress take them all away.  I had water to drink.  I chose to be thin.

I know that there will come times when choosing to thin will be harder.  I’ve been posting my progress every Monday on my blog, and posting here whenever I need reassurance that I’m going the right way.  You guys are definitely making it easier to make the right choices, and so far I’ve lost 11 pounds.  I’m on my way to thin.  Thanks.


6 responses to “Choices and Temptations

  1. This was very inspiring. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. This is so cool. I love your attitude and am so excited by your progress.

  3. Badness, this is just SO GREAT!!!! I love the way you’re thinking and am going to adjust my mindset to be more like yours. Absolutely wonderful.

  4. I have been reading all of these posts today and they help a lot as I am trying to tone up as well. (I also refuse to call it a diet.)

    I will share my wisdom with you.

    I have learnt/read:
    *It takes 9 weeks to create/break a habit.
    I have been on a ‘D**t’ for 8 weeks and am already eating a lot less…

    *Everything in your life is habit. Once you break a habit of emotional eating and replace it with another (say, walking or swimming) it becomes the norm and after a few weeks you get used to it.

    *I have just broken the boredom eating cycle and actually forget some days to eat, sometimes I get home, realise I’m starving and have only had one small meal all day. I have also walked all over the place, a case of having to because I decide to do odd jobs on my lunch break and cant be bothered moving the car.

    *Sugar craving? FRUIT

    Fruit and yoghurt
    Fruit smoothie with yoghurt and light milk
    Fruit salad
    Berries help reduce cellulite and boost metabolism

    *Pick something healthy that you like to eat and eat it when you get a craving. I love yoghurt so had a fridge full of tubs of yoghurt and ate when I felt peckish.

    *Swimming, I used to be very fit and toned from swimming for 1 hour, 2 times a week. And you can take children all year round in an indoor pool. Bring other adults and count your laps. I used to do 60…sigh…..

    and teach the children to swim!

    I used to do this all as my normal lifestyle, it took 8 weeks and I had lost a lot of weight. But I stupidly thought that the weight would stay off by itself so I stopped and guess what I have been doing again for he past 2 months!!!?

  5. This is brilliant! I love the idea of choosing to be thin, over and over. Thanks for the inspiration.

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