My personal trainer is a two year old

I have stumbled onto a new exercise program. It’s called “my toddler loves to dance, and refuses to dance alone.
“We got a new CD last week, and Max loves to shake his little diapered booty  to the funky beat. When his siblings are home, they will dance with him, but this morning he wanted to dance, and the older kids are all in school, so I got to be his dance partner. He doesn’t let up, the second I tried to sneak into the kitchen to get a drink of water (I was working up a sweat) Max yells “Mom! Come back! Dance wif me”
Me: “Max, I need to get a drink, I’m tired”
Max: “No Mom, Preeeeease come back and dance wif me! Now!”
 How can I refuse that?
The added bonus is that he likes it when I pick him up and spin him around in the air. That could be considered weight training couldn’t it?
I need to tell you, it’s much more fun than walking on the treadmill. 


5 responses to “My personal trainer is a two year old

  1. I’m doing the same workout plan – isn’t it lovely?!

  2. Dancing with little ones is definitely one of the best exercise programs.

  3. I love that work-out plan! Also popular with the children/trainers here at the House of Bad is the slinky stair training routine. They catch the slinky at the bottom, but I have to go down to retrieve it and back up to send it down again. And again. And again.

  4. Hahahahaha COOL! Today I went ersatz snowshoeing whilst packing my youngest, to get to the swing set at the park… does this count? It FELT like it counted!

  5. Dancing with my babies is totally a part of my fitness plan. And twirling a toddler TOTALLY counts as weight lifting (especially if your toddler weighs more than your 4 year old, like mine does). Music is a great way to keep me moving. I turn it on while I’m cooking dinner and it keep the kids busy, and it keeps my bee-bopping along (lunges and such) while I cook.

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