Holding Pattern

Had my weekly weigh-in last night, and I measured in at .8 up from the week before.  Is standard procedure for my body… it stays in this holding pattern, then drops steeply, then more holding pattern.  I think I need to start taking measurements, maybe that would give me a little more in the way of seeing progress.

In terms of rethinking what goes into the mouth.  Why do I think I need so much sweet?  Why do I feel I deserve it, and if I don’t have it I am deprived?  I hate how I chase the sweet, to the extent of ingesting artificial sweeteners to placate myself and still lose weight.  Cannot be very good for me.

One of the things that I feel is a serious drawback to the Weight Watchers program, is a person can follow it to a “T”, lose weight, and still be eating utter crap.  Of course, am personally a big perpetrator of crap-intake when it comes to “my soda-drink-treat;”  AKA Diet Dr. Pepper.   So I am trying to change my brain to need less refined sugar, AND artificial sweeteners.

I won’t pretend that it goes so very swimmingly, but I think a little progress has been made.  Here is a little bit of info….

One teaspoon of sugar is one WW point.

One Tablespoon of honey is one WW point.

Stevia, a natural sweetener is free point wise… but probably ought not be used for more than sweetening a few beverages a day (tea, coffee, Pero etc…) .

So I am trying to push myself more into the “I don’t need it”  mindset.  So far it’s going a little better… but I have got to find a reasonable and crap-free chocolate option STAT… is coming up on TTOTM (that time of the month)!


7 responses to “Holding Pattern

  1. I kicked the soda habit by giving it up for a month and rewarding myself with something I really wanted at the end of the month. After that? It was gross to me…and upset my tummy besides.

    My favourite sweet treat right now is having a small bowl of raspberry pomegranate sherbet after dinner. Soooo flavourful and sweet, but so much lower in calories than many other junkier alternatives.

  2. Eh… I have given it up for years at a time, and I love it to distraction always. Coming back to it always feels like coming home.


  3. You’re absolutely right that it’s super easy to cheat with WW and eat only crap but still stay within the points. But, just stay honest with yourself and eat the good stuff.

    I have found that dark chocolate satisfies cravings much better than milk and with much smaller amounts. And, the expensive stuff is definitely better than the cheap stuff.

    I have learned today that having a stomach bug means that I do not eat because food is the enemy.

  4. You are right on with your observation about WW — they are really big believers in artificial ingredients to keep the points at bay. I found that often left me with cravings that made me cheat.

    If you are looking for a healthy sweet treat, the best thing I can recommend is the homemade chewy vegan granola bars Hope Is Power turned me on to this summer. I can’t find the link (I make it from memory) but she might still have it. They’re delicious and a rectangle that is 2 inches by 1 inch is a little over a point, depending on how thick it is and how faithfully you follow the recipe. Has staved off many a chocolate craving, and with the oats, flaxseed and nuts in it, it gives you all those good oils and fibers you’re supposed to get.

  5. I have found chewing gum to be my best friend. It does have sweetener in it, but in a small amount. It keeps my mouth busy so I don’t have mindless snacking. Keeping a bottle of water in hand and constantly drinking from it also helps.

    Maybe you should have some outfits in varying stages of “too small”, pick the largest one and keep trying it on every week before weigh-in. Maybe seeing a difference in how it fits will stick in your psyche longer than what the scale says.

  6. I’m trying to give up sweets all together for a month (so far it’s been 3 1/2 weeks, and I haven’t had any bad cravings) just to break the habit of eating them. I’m not going to go forever without treats, but I want to be more selective about the treats I have, a piece of Green and Black’s fabulous organic chocolate instead of a family-size bag of m&m’s….

    I make really yummy (and low-fat, low-cal, just 2 points) muffins, and freeze them individually for when I need a little snack. They’re moist and sweet, but not sugary. I posted the recipe on my blog – here’s the link if anyone is interested.


    You’re doing great, as long as the trend is downwards, a little up and down is normal.

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