…the mood for food

I know how to diet.  I’ve spent my entire life watching my mom on one diet or another.  Cabbage soup.  Atkins.  TOPS, Weight Watchers.  Sometimes successful, sometimes not.  I did Weight Watchers myself after the Princess was born and did really well…until we moved and I lost my momentum and my equilibrium.  I know what to eat to lose weight, so this time I am doing it without a program.  I write down everything I eat, to discourage mindless eating, (and so I can go back when necessary to see where I was successful), but I am not counting calories or fat or points.

My problem is that I am an emotional eater.  Yesterday I had a good moment, and a bad one.  I met my sister for lunch at the mall.  The good.  I had a garden salad and milk.  I haven’t had any desserts or treats in the 3 weeks since I’ve started and I told myself that I could get one little thing at this store.  And when we were outside that store, it smelled delicious.  And I was a little hungry.  But the thing is?  I was happy, and laughing and chatting with my sister and the kids, and I didn’t need a treat.  I didn’t want any chocolate right then.  So I didn’t buy anything.  You have no idea what a strange sensation that was for me.  I always want chocolate.  I always used to want chocolate….but now I think on it, I haven’t lately.  I guess cutting it out completely, just for a little while, really has helped me to break the habit. 

But.  The bad.  Hubs was late getting home from work last night.  I called and left 3 messages on his cell phone to see what time he’d be home, and finally gave up and started serving the kids dinner at 6:00, when they were famished and could wait no longer.  Hubs called 10 minutes later and said he was just leaving a customer and would be home in 45 minutes.  He usually calls and warns me in advance if he’ll be late, so I was a little frustrated.  Okay…I was angry.  I ate my dinner (baked omelette and salad) and fed the kids, but as I was cleaning up I caught myself picking at the kids plates and had to make a conscious effort to stop.  I was full, but I wanted to pick at the pie plate, put something else in my mouth.  I forced myself to empty the kids plates into the trash and put all the leftovers in the fridge.  I made myself a cup of tea and left the kitchen. 

Hopefully just being aware of this will help me stop it, but if any of you are emotional eaters and have any tips on how to control it, I would love them.  I really want to break the cycle.  Help.


10 responses to “…the mood for food

  1. Hat’s off to you! I am an emotional eater, too, and that sounds like a perfect trigger YET you didn’t give in. You’re to be commended!

  2. We had that same chocolate store in a mall I sometimes frequent. For years I never let myself even look at it. Then one day I decided that I was an adult and if I wanted to buy one piece of chocolate, then what was wrong with that. I went to the mall with the specific purpose of buying a piece of chocolate. When I got there, I discovered they were dismantling the store and I couldn’t buy my chocolate!

    You did good! Sometimes I can distract myself by starting (or finishing) a project, making a social phonecall, lying down for a minute or two. But sometimes it is just sheer teeth gritting perseverance. And then there are the times my emotions get the better of me, and I start being good again later.

  3. I don’t see the bad part! I think you did a great job recognizing a bad situation, then doing something about it. Good for you!

  4. Huh… you did all of my tricks. Catch yourself, throw away the tempters, and herbal tea with a tablespoon of honey… or I will also do a cup of Pero (grain based coffee-ish drink) with lite creamer and a scoop of stevia. Either drink is a one point treat for a large mugfull.

    Another thing that I do is journal even the nibbles I take, and I estimate the points I consumed while I was taking a mental vacation. That way, even my snafu’s don’t count against me… it just means I have used some of my weekly points, and I can’t use them for a splurge treat later.

    OH! And the TV-chow-down-syndrome… instead of raiding the fridge, I watch TV sitting on the floor and stretching. Is oddly effective for curbing the snackies for me.

  5. I know you didn’t talk about TV snacking… but that does fall under the parameters of “emotional eating” for me; is my “special happy treat” time, and I often want a treat for my mouth as well.

  6. Badness, you did all the right things, so KUDOS!

  7. The key for me is non-food rewards. Putting a half hour movie on for the kids when I’m overwhelmed and enjoying a book or a quick bubble bath…something along those lines. Gotta say though, you are so not alone in this!

  8. I am an emotional eater, too, and know how soothing food can be. I also eat when I am bored, which is the worst villian for me.

    But you? Handled your situation wonderfully!!! I started what I won’t call a diet but maybe a lifestyle change 2 1/2 weeks ago and so far so good. I’ve had a little more than I should a couple of times, but I’m trying to make the “little more than I should” choices healthier ones. I know myself and know these kind of things will ALWAYS happen, so I’m trying to mitigate the damage a bit.

    This is my first time here – through Kimberly – and I’ll be back.

  9. Way to go! You handled that very well. I hope that I can do the same. Just in case I am weak this week, I have “Smart Pop” in the cupboard.

  10. Wow. You did well.

    I’m envious.

    The hard thing is that I think it’s supposed to be hard. Like salmon swimming upstream… against what we used to do.

    Just discovered “Smart Pop” this week. I plan on investing in it BIG TIME.

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