What Motivates Me To Lose Weight

Normally I’m a fairly private person.  I share personal stuff with close family and one or two close friends.  But I will share the following experience with all of you because I only know one person on this blog (my sister, clear over in India, and I think she would enjoy the entertainment value of this story) and I don’t anticipate ever meeting any of you face-to-face.  If  I should ever meet any of you, please do not refer to this experience.

A good-sized group of families from my church invited my family to join them for a week of fun camping on the beaches of Rocky Point, Mexico.  I am normally not a camper and don’t like vacationing with swinging, skinny, active people because I feel that I stick out like a sore thumb.  Well, my husband borrowed a cheap, old, pop-up tent trailer to encourage me to go.  I decided not to be a stick-in-the-mud, threw caution to the wind, and I went.

It was so thoughtful of my husband to get the trailer.  But it was not sturdy.  We decided not to sleep in the same pop-out since we are both large.  However, one afternoon when the kids were busy on the beach and some of us adults were languishing and visiting in camp, my husband got that certain gleam in his eyes and asked me to follow him into the tent trailer.  Oh that wiley man. Before I knew it, and against my better judgment, he had persuaded me to cuddle, in the same pop-out, in the buff, in broad daylight, in a rickety tent trailer with a flimsy door lock.  Before we knew it, the pop-out collapsed, the trailer tipped and a concerned five-year-old was quickly pulling on the door to see if we were okay.  One wise-guy friend cracked “Hey you two!  That ain’t the love boat you know!”

This is what motivates me to lose weight.


8 responses to “What Motivates Me To Lose Weight

  1. Oh. Dear.

    I think this story? Can inspire us all!

  2. Oh my.

    Can you laugh about this now?


  3. Alright, I’m laughing. But only because if this ever happened to me, I would die.

    Are you feeling better about it yet?

  4. No, I laugh about this, but in private. My husband just mentions “Rocky Point” as blackmail leverage and I do anything he asks!

  5. Mmmf…bffth… WAHhahahahahahahaaaaaa! Sorry, but that one was just too stinkin’ funny.

  6. If that doesn’t motivate you, nothing will! Don’t worry…my lips are sealed!

  7. Oh Toni. Why do we let our husbands get us into these situations? Perhaps we should have considered “playing for the other team” a little before plunging right into marital bliss. I do solemnly swear that this story will never be repeated by me (or by Scott, who I am legally obligated to tell).

  8. Oh. Oh, oh, oh. That is a terribly motivating story. I’d love to hear the story you told when you returned the camper!!!!

    And I promise I didn’t giggle.


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