Jen’s pick-me-up vegetable soup

Posted by Jen

Thanks to everyone for your supportive comments yesterday. I feel better today.

For dinner I fixed a great vegetable soup and made some multigrain bread in the breadmaker. For now, I’m taking a break from salads and will find other ways to keep my vegetable consumption up.

Last night’s soup included these ingredients:

  • vegetable broth (I used organic broth from Whole Foods)
  • sweet potatoes, peas, corn, edamame, carrots, spinach
  • stew meat
  • salt and pepper, to taste

I put the meat in for my family, but only had a couple small pieces myself. I had leftover soup for lunch today and finished the meal with cucumber slices and grapes, which satisfied my cravings for fresh produce.


6 responses to “Jen’s pick-me-up vegetable soup

  1. I love soup…and it really seems to help with the weight loss. Glad you’re feeling better!

  2. Oh, I love soup. Sadly my family is divided on the issue so it has to be a lunch for me. Maybe if I made a small pot it would only last a few days.

  3. Amy, this soup freezes well, so you could make a pot and then store it in smaller containers that you could defrost at will. The potatoes would get a little mushy, but that wouldn’t alter the taste at all.

  4. I love soup – but only the kind with loads of cream, bacon and cheese. I’m trying to convince myself I like more vegetables, but must admit I’m not meeting with much success.

    Have a cup of that soup for me, ok?

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