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I have definitely lost momentum in the past week. Well, it started last month, with the onslaught of Christmas foods. I still managed to lose weight, just not as much as before. I started January off well, largely by challenging myself to make changes each week. Still this past week has been more of a struggle for me mentally.

I’m still exercising almost daily, but we’ve had some bad weather recently and I haven’t been able to walk daily, which is my preference.

I’m still exercising portion control, but some of my mindless snacking has returned.

I’m trying to eat a salad every day to help me reach my target for fruits/veggies, but produce tastes like crap this time of year, even when I buy the expensive stuff from Whole Foods.

I think the larger issue is that I am simply bored with this endeavor. It’s going to take me months, possibly even a year or more, to lose the necessary weight. It took me ten years to gain it and I’m not going to lose it overnight. But I’m an American. I want what I want and I want it NOW.

It also doesn’t help that it’s January. It’s winter. It’s not my favorite time of the year. Everything feels BLAH right now.  I want spring and flowers and fresh strawberries and cute clothes. Not dead trees and bulky layers and mealy tomatoes.

I need to recapture the necessary drive and enthusiasm to continue making progress on this long journey.  Anyone have any ideas?


15 responses to “Momentum

  1. Oh Jen, you can do it! Think how great you’re going to feel when you finally get to shed the sweater and feel so good about yourself!

  2. I remember thinking that I should join in when you started Weight Watchers and Sue started Fight the Fluffy….but I just couldn’t get off the couch. I’m hoping that the initial enthusiasm and momentum I’ve got now will last through until Spring, because it is blech. It is hard to get out in the cold and snow.

    I’m not much of one for gyms or classes, but I have done yoga before and loved it….it makes your body feel good, but also your mind. Maybe that would give you the push you need?

    And while I certainly don’t intend to go the rest of my life without eating chocolate or potato chips, I’m cutting them out completely (along with evening snacking) for a month or so, because I eat a lot of it just out of habit.

    And if you like soup, it’s a good way to deal with less than great winter veggies. Plus it sneaks in extra water, which can only be a good thing!

    You can do it Jen – you’ve inspired me, and doubtless lots of other people too. I’m going to be working at this for months and months too…and then longer as I learn to maintain and not return to old habits. Just keep going!

  3. It’s like a 7 year itch, isn’t it? Only this might be the 7 week itch. My advice is to find a fun calorie burner–kickboxing or a salsa class or rock climbing–don’t know if you live near any interesting options, but now’s the time to cash in on the 1 month trial memberships.

    Good luck, honey!

  4. A quick way to zip up salads is to find new dressings. One with lots of spices and herbs.

    I know it doesn’t make up for the nasty tomatoes, but still? Good flavours help, don’t they?

  5. oh how we hear you! You just have to keep telling yourself, nothing tastes as good as being skinny feels….

    beyond that? I got nothing.

  6. Hang in there, Chiquita. The worse part is always when you hit that plateau. Especially if the plateau lasts for more than a few days. I am working Atkins until I hit 250, and then I will be switching over to Weight Watchers. Portion control is my enemy. I have no control. I only have portions. Regardless. Be strong, and it will be alright.


  7. Set an intermediate goal, and when you hit it, buy yourself some of these:

  8. OH! Those nasty, late winter veggies. Soup really is the answer to your woes, because not only can you make a savory zero point soup… a big pot will last for days. Use a piece of unbuttered whole wheat toast to dip in it, and you feel like the queen of nourishment.

    For me, I have to have a goal to keep me moving. For President’s Day weekend we will be heading to St. George, UT (on the boarder of AZ) and I keep promising myself some outdoor running, with NO KIDS. But I know that I won’t really enjoy it if I am panting and miserably out of shape… and oh yeah, swimming (read: THE SUIT) while we are there. Plus I am gonna run a 5k in the spring, and this time I want to RUN it… as in all the way!

    Jen, you totally have what it takes! You have already proved this… I will next post the recipe for baked cauliflower that is addictive like chocolate. Is awesome winter veggie recipe.

  9. Try adding new healthy foods to your diet maybe? Sweet Potato fries. Cous-cous cooked in chicken broth with garlic and sweet baby peas added. Sweet mequite turkey and gouda cheese on flax bread, warmed up in the oven and topped with romaine?

    I’m finding that trying new recipes is bringing a lot more joy into this endeavor for me.

  10. I hear you – it’s such a nightmare to diet… my guess is that it will take me a YEAR to get to my goal… a YEAR!!!!!!

    I am a big fan of the prepackaged shredded lettuce with salsa and low fat sour cream… makes a tasty lunch.

  11. Come on Jen! You are doing so awesomely well. Don’t let all your hard work go to waste now! Soon it will be spring time, and you’ll want to slip into all those cute outfits. Wouldn’t it be even better to make those a size smaller than the jeans you just bought??

    Come on – do it for me! I need to get my butt off the couch, and you’re my inspiration!


  12. You’re doing awesome! And just think how fantastic it will be when spring arrives and you’re in better shape to do the things you enjoy!

    Hang in there, you can TOTALLY do this! You’ve just hit a bit of a plateau, which is completely natural. All you have to do is just push yourself through it and you’ll start seeing results again!

    Is there anything you can put on your inspiration board (or your fridge) to remind you to stick to your diet? A picture of anything? Not necessarily clothes (b/c I think you’re probably motivated by more than a desire to wear cute clothes), but like, a picture of yourself from 10 years ago, perhaps? Or whenever you were at a weight you were happy with – just to remind yourself that you WILL get to your goal weight, even if it takes awhile.

    Re: the snacking – do you like hummus or anything like that? Anything slightly healthier that might make snacking on (out of season) veggies a better option?

  13. I hear you on the mindless snacking – walk by something, grab a handful. I really love it when I don’t realize I’ve completely eaten something gone, and I’m looking for the last couple of bites that no longer exist.

    Do you exercise inside to music. Good music always motivates me. It makes my exercise time-slot fly by, and I find I’m looking forward to my next session when I can jam on the ellipticle!

  14. You are doing an amazing job so far. I desperatley need to lose 20 pounds and make an effort at the beginning of every week but never stick to it.
    Call us – I’ll email you my number – or email us when you feel like snacking and we’ll talk you through it.
    I know this time of year sucks with the gloom but you can do it. You’ve come way too far.
    I was going to send the girls Kinder Eggs for Valentine’s with a side of ketchup chips…..but Ill hold off on the ketchup chips.
    You can do this Jen. This is just a bump in the road. You’ve conquered bigger.

  15. OK, this has little to do with dieting, but what gets me through January is Valentines Day. I over-do Valentines Day every year. It takes me as long to do the decorations as it does Christmas. I always make something new too – decorations wise. I buy all the magazines with ideas, my kids do stuff too, I plan a unique night at home for the fam. I plan a unique night with hubby. I plan a unique party for friends. Seriously. I go nuts. But before I know it – it’s March and Spring is almost here and I love Spring.

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