Jen’s Challenge, Week 3

Okay, time for Week 3 in my challenge! Have you all tried making changes for improved health and fitness? Let’s do it again this week.

To recap:

In Week 1, I went back to walking daily and added more fresh vegetables to my diet. I’m seeing results on my scales, so I’m pleased.

In Week 2, I increased how much water I drink. I’m going to the bathroom all the time, but that’s a small price to pay.

For Week 3, I’m going to switch from vanilla yogurt to plain. This one’s going to be tough because I love Stoneyfield Farm’s fat free vanilla yogurt. But! A cup has 32 grams of sugar and that’s just ridiculous. I usually have half a cup with cereal for breakfast and last week I started mixing half vanilla with half plain. I’m going to start increasing the plain and decreasing the vanilla until I’m having straight plain. Hopefully, I’ll get used to the taste!

What’s everyone else going to do this week?


5 responses to “Jen’s Challenge, Week 3

  1. You’re doing great! I admire that so much.

    I’m embarrassed to say that last week I vowed, pretty emphatically, to exercise a bit each morning. Um, yeah. Didn’t do that even ONCE. This morning I lifted some sad little 5 pound weights, like two sets each arm. Maybe.

    I can’t seem to make myself get out of bed in the morning to work out, even when I’m awake and just laying there. Ugh.

  2. I did really well not eating the kids food…I did really well with eating in general last week.

    I want to start drinking water this week – I’m going to start with 1L a day, and work up from there. If I started with more right away I’d never leave the washroom!

    I’ve been eating plain yogurt everyday for breakfast, either with 1/4 c. of granola, or a tbsp. of this really yummy ginger honey drizzled on top. I like it, and it’s very good for the digestive system!

  3. Badness, I truly believe that all the water I drank last week contributed to my 2.2 pound weight loss during that same time. Yes, I ate well, but I also snacked some and even had some M&Ms every night as a treat. I didn’t exercise any more than my daily 2-3 mile walk. So the only thing that was different was that I drank a LOT more water than usual.

    Ginger honey? That sounds yummy!

  4. I am starting my walking on the treadmill (again) but this time I mean business 😉

  5. I’m afraid I just have to start all over again. It’s been a bad week.

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