If only

Well, it seems that my kids have managed to break my scale.  Otherwise, I’ve lost 45 pounds since yesterday.  And thus, no weigh in for me. Which also begs the question, how long has it been broken and how long have my results been skewed?  And do I weigh the big number? or the small one? 

(and yes, my KIDS broke it. not me. NOT ME!!!)


8 responses to “If only

  1. LOL! I have to check the calibration on the scale everytime I use it…. my kids love playing with it. Fingers crossed for the low number, sweetie!

  2. [snicker] And this is why my children are not allowed to mess with my brand new scale, which I love very very very much. 🙂

  3. I use a digital scale so there’s less chance of the kdis skewing it on me. Bleh! Sorry!

  4. Oh Caroline! That is just too funny!
    I have got to get a new scale, too. Mine weighs me three different weights out of three different tries.

    Kim, you thing the digital is more accurate?

  5. Take the second number, take the second number! I’ll bet you almost had a heart attack for a minute there, eh? tee hee hee hee

  6. 45 lbs! Wow! Please tell me your secret. Are you on the cabbage soup diet? I love scales that read 45 pounds less. Can your kids come to my house?

  7. 45lbs is AMAZING

    sorry about your scale.

    weighing in idea: go to Walmart once a week and use one they have on display 😉

  8. What’s so sad is that if I was like, 120, 45 pounds would be a big difference. But since I’m not, and apparently am anywhere from 175 to 220, I just can’t tell. sigh. It’s pretty sad guys.

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