Dangerous Minds….

I was just in the kitchen getting a snack for the kids.  2:00.  I’d had soup for lunch, and was already hungry.  I added up what I’d eaten so far today (1/2 c plain yogurt, 1/4 c homemade granola, one cup carrot-parsnip soup, and a small homemade muffin) and what I was planning to make for supper (chicken cacciatore on spaghetti).  I did really well last week without letting myself feel hungry.  There was definitely room in that menu for me to have a snack, but then my inner demon piped in, “That was the first week though….you always lose more the first week.  It won’t be as quick from now on….sure, you’ll still lose weight if you have a snack…but don’t you want to lose MORE?  FASTER?”  My rational mind knows that I didn’t gain the weight quickly, and I’m better off to lose it slowly too.  My demon is persuasive though.  My demon is loud, and rude, and mean. 

What’s your inner dialogue like?  What are your demons, and how do you shut them up?

(Just so you know, I stuck some duct tape on my demon’s mouth and toasted myself a whole-wheat English muffin….it was 4 hours until dinner, and I’ve got 2 kids to drag to swimming lessons first.  A mom needs her fuel!)


6 responses to “Dangerous Minds….

  1. yeah, mine always says…

    c’mon, ONE cookie is not going to KILL you, besides you can always WALK it off tomorrow. One cookie turns into 2 cookies, then maybe 3, then what? tomorrow comes and I don’t have TIME to walk.


    eh, I hope you shut your up. I have really been forcing the water down and that is helping me to not feel so hungry all the time!

  2. My problem is an absence of inner dialogue. My demon has duct taped over the mouth of the reasonable me who actually pays attention to what she’s eating. Mindless bingeing is my demon.

  3. My inner demon has taught me how to cheat at WW points, so that I can eat healthy foods but also sneak in more M&Ms than I should.

  4. demons. My demons tell me that it’s 8 in the morning and if I get puked on one more time I’m going to kill someone and a Dr. Pepper would make everything better…..

  5. My demon always says, look, you already ate one extra piece of bread, so you might as well eat the rest of the loaf, and a bagel, and some chips, and some candy, and, and, and, and, and…

  6. I just wanted to thank you for admitting to the “inner demons” – a whole wheat english muffin, for a busy mommy, hours before dinner, is perfectly fine. Now, if you had smothered it with marshmallows and peanut butter, that would be a different matter!

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