Are You Tan?

Had my weigh in at WW on Tuesday evening; the first since the week before Christmas. Turns out, that over the holidays I dropped a little over six pounds. My grand total of loss now stands at almost precisely forty pounds; this is more than my almost-four-year-old weighs. Holy tamales.

The thing is, at this size… it’s a little hard to tell. I can tell, just moving is easier and none of my clothes from before fit. But unless a person is fairly observant or a close friend, even when a girl stands almost 5’9″ tall, there is not a huge difference between 290 and 250, no pun intended. Case in point: while I think I did get an extra cute hairstyle a few months back… I get heaps and HEAPS of compliments from acquaintances on my hair. Still. And I’m due in for a cut/color next week. People can see there is a difference, but they cannot quite put their finger on it. So it must be the hair.

Just last Sunday, a friend whom I have not seen since last summer caught me in the hallway at church. After lavishly praising my hair (of course) she cocked her head to one side and said, “…and you look really tan. Is that a tan? Are you tan?”

I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I had lost almost half of her body weight since the last time she had seen me. She is one of those exquisite and teeny women who pole vault back into their jeans one week after giving birth. I didn’t want to explain, and I was needing to get to the nursery for singing time. So I thanked her, and told her “sorry, not tan!”

I still think it’s kind of funny, and just a teeny bit of a bummer.

Do you think that people will start to figure it out when I have dropped another forty? Sheesh. Hope so.


11 responses to “Are You Tan?

  1. Bon, you rock! I am just so damn proud of you. Six pounds during the holidays is amazing, as is 40 overall.

    As for people noticing, I understand completely. I figure I’ll have to lose at least 40 or 50 for most people to clue in.

  2. That’s amazing! I must be crazy, because I don’t like it when people notice I’ve lost weight (or at least when they mention it) I don’t hear “you look great”, I just hear “you WERE fat.” There’s a huge difference between 290 and 250, and you should be totally proud.

  3. Definitely – you should be totally proud. It’s kind of like putting on that PERFECT outfit in the PERFECT color. People don’t know why you look amazing, you just…do. Enjoy yourself! If people think you look amazing, maybe it’s possible nobody ever thought of you as “fat” at all…so now, you just look…that much better! As long as you feel great, that’s the important thing.

  4. Oh I so, so know what you mean! I went from 230 to 200 without anyone batting an eye. It wasn’t till I hit 190 and below that the compliments came in. I’m really grateful I took my measurements a year and a half ago so I can compare, otherwise, I’m not sure the numbers on the scale would be enough. I want to see jaws drop!


  5. Chances are people are noticing, but they can’t be sure. So they say nothing, because if you’re not trying to lose weight then they’re calling you fat. Once it becomes more obvious then they’ll be mroe confident about saying something.

  6. I am SO impressed! You are the coolest!
    40 pounds is quite an accomplishment, YAY you!
    I bet there are more people noticing than you think.
    The last time I lost weight, someone told my mom that I looked great, but they didn’t want to say that to me because they didn’t want to imply that I didn’t look good before.
    I thought that was silly.
    I also remember when I had reached the point where I had lost more than my three year old weighed. I would carry him up the stairs, and my knees would hurt, and I couldn’t believe I had been carrying that much extra weight around.
    I can’t wait to get back to that point.

  7. Way to go! I remember asking someone if she had lost weight, and she said no she just was more tan. I can’t win!

    I think 40 pounds is awesome. I plan on carrying around some kind of prize for the person who says something first to me.

    One time, my husband and I were dieting together. We both had lost the same amount of weight, but he got all the comments. I don’t diet with him anymore!

  8. Oh, congrats! That is awesome! You should be so proud of your weight loss. That rocks.

    I have lost 22 pounds since July and not a single person – not even my mother – can tell. Or if they can, they haven’t said anything. Nobody thinks I’m tan, either.

  9. I am sorry they can’t see it more…but your HAIR must really rock!! Also, a tan makes you look thinner so I would say you are doing GREAT…even if they can’t put their finger on what exactly changed.

    I just started ww, this week…I hope I am as successful as you are!

  10. Yeah, I think people are just scared to say anything. Some people are touchy and so people err on the side of caution. I have one skinny friend who will NOT compliment anyone on weight loss, because once she did, and the lady said, “Thank you, I have cancer.”


    But on the bright side – WOW. 40 pounds. You are my hero.

  11. One of the first compliments I heard when I went back home for Christmas was “Kristin looks really happy and put together.”

    Okaaaay. So thinner=happy? I know what he meant but it just sticks out weird for me.

    The best compliment I got was only a little bit into losing weight (but I also had a new hair style). A Korean girl I know passed me and said, “You look prettier!”

    Broken english and everything but perfect. Wish more of my english speaking friends would take up the compliment.

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