Uh oh

My younger daughter is a Brownie Girl Scout.

It is the second week of January.

Can anyone put those two sentences together and guess what I’m about to say?

Yes, it’s time to sell Girl Scout cookies.

I am strong enough to get through this.  I will not stress-eat an entire box of Caramel deLites, like I did two years ago.  Nor will I eat Thin Mints for lunch.

Just to be safe, maybe I’ll ask my husband to hide the cookies so I cannot find them.


11 responses to “Uh oh

  1. I’ll take two boxes of Carmel Delights, and one box of thin mints.

    Oh. Wait. I mean – good for you. You can do it!

  2. But if you end up NOT able to do it, send me the cookies.

  3. Sue if you want to help out my daughter’s troop, I’d be happy to mail you some cookies, but don’t you have like eleventy squillion Girl Scouts in your state who could sell you cookies?

  4. Yeah, I’m just kidding around.

  5. Jen, I might have to make a request. Do you mail to Canada? 😉

    We don’t get Carmel Delights or thin mints. We get vanilla and chocolate for the Spring selection and that won’t be out for another couple of months. (Here in Canada, Minties are the Fall cookie of choice. My CU-2 is a Girl Guide and ended up selling 11 cases. Thank small gawds only two were to me – and contents of those were for the Christmas boxes.)

  6. Richgold, I would be totally happy to mail to Canada if you’re willing to cover shipping. 🙂

    And it sounds like you have cookies more than once per year. I don’t know how you do it, because I hate the once per year we have to deal with.

  7. Girl Scout cookies are my favorite. I love to freeze the thin mints and eat them frozen (OK I realize giving you ideas on how to eat them may not be helping.)

    When I was in Girl Scouts my mother was in charge of the cookie sale. All of the cases of cookies were stored in our basement. My sister and I knew that if we ate a box then mom would totally notice. So we decided to eat one cookie out of each box. Needless to say my mom bought a lot of boxes that year, we were the top sellers, and she was rather mad.

    I told you all I had issues with food ;0)

  8. 2 boxes of thin mints (frozen)
    2 boxes of trefoils
    an entire case of Samoas…….

    Please, just leave me alone, I’m daydreaming………

    Monicabuckles – I once knew a girl who’s brothers ate ALL of her boxes of girl scout cookies before they could get them delivered.

  9. ooohh, those are hard to resist. Very Hard!

  10. Yikes, we sell at different times…so ours is over and the cookies are GONE…hence the joining of WW.

  11. ooh….good luck! I’d have a hard time with that! Maybe Pete could take the cookies to work and sell them for her there?

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