So I just about cried this morning. 185.4. I was 184 before the holidays. I’m almost back. I love how quickly holiday weight comes off if you really work at it. Not…umm…to say I’ve been working, per se. But I cut out the crap, attended a ton of fiber into my diet, upped my water intake, and have been sitting at the computer about half as much as I used to.

I’m finding that housework is my friend. It must be said that while I keep my house generally tidy, I’m not much for cleaning. You might not trip walking across my floor, but you wouldn’t want to eat off it. Scrubbing and sweeping and vacuuming are proving to be great exercise tools. It won’t be long before I’m smokin’ hot with a sparkly clean house to boot.

I love how success at the scales can motivate me to be better. In the past, it’s also motivated me to be complacent, but I’m aware of that danger this time round. It’s funny how every time I work at this I make some progress, slip a little, make some progress, slip a little. Despite the slipping, I’m gradually getting lower every time. Last time I stalled at 184. This time? Who knows? Maybe I’ll see the 170’s again. Or maybe I’ll keep going till I hit goal. Maybe this is the final stretch.

I’m excited to find out.


8 responses to “Yay!

  1. Wow! What a success over the holidays, that is a miracle. It motivates me to get off my butt and try a little harder. (I had donuts for breakfast, shh don’t tell)

  2. YAY KIM!!! I’m so proud of you. And thanks for posting it. It gives me encouragement. I’m having a hard time right now…

  3. Yay you! I put on some disco music last night and danced madly (and badly!) with my kiddos. Listening to the princess giggle as I twirled and spun her while singing along loudly to Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I will Survive’ was the most exercise (and most fun!) I’ve had in ages. Whatever works, right? If you need more house-cleaning exercise, feel free to come do mine!

  4. You suck.

    No, I’m just kidding. I’m jealous, that’s all. That’s really, really, really good. Really good.

    You’re totally gonna get into the 170s. Probably by February. I will try not to hate you when it happens.

  5. YAY!

    Somehow getting into a lower bracket of tens DOES make a big difference mentally. You WILL do it! Is totally in your reach!

  6. I love your attitude! You’re embracing housework, even. That rocks! You’ll get where you want to be – I have no doubt.

  7. keep up the good work, you can do it!!!

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