Weight Watcher Wannabe

This totally feels like an AA meeting.

“Hi my name is Monica, and I’m chubby.”

Ok this is where you say “Hi Monica.”

Wow I feel better already. They say that admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery, and I have a problem with food. I think I have always had a problem with food, even as a skinny teenager I had horrible eating habits (but that is a post for another day) and as an adult they caught up with me.

In my fight with the bulge I have tried many MANY diets, all to be abandoned after miserable failure. This time around I’m trying Weight Watchers, and it does seem to be working.

In total honesty, I’m a Weight Watchers wannabe. I don’t actually go to Weight Watchers; I started a group of my own. I’m cheap like that. We meet at my house once a week and follow the Weight Watchers plan. We count points and weigh ourselves and keep track of our progress. We take turns choosing a group goal and report on how we did last week and cool stuff we found that might help the others (like Progresso’s 0 point soup; very yummy).

It’s working for me, I’m sure if I actually went to a real Weight Watchers meeting I would do even better, but like I said before I’m cheap like that.

So if you live in the area feel free to join our Chub Club. If not then maybe you could start some kind of support group of your own. Have any of you tried something like this, or do you have any great Weight Watchers tips I could steal for free?


17 responses to “Weight Watcher Wannabe

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  2. I’m using my blog as my ‘weight watchers’ support group. It’s all about being accountable. Why not take the money you would be spending at Weight Watchers and put it away to spend on new things for yourself once you reach your goal?

  3. “I’m cheap like that.” LOL

    Eat 1/2 of what I normally do (yeah, right), no Coke-type drinks, eat before 7pm and drink lots of water.

  4. Hi Monica!
    I’m cheap too. I prefer having the FTF chicks as my support group. The ladies here are very supportive :0)

  5. badnessjones

    I love the way you think.

  6. Good luck? The only thing I can think of (and my family is half Chinese, so take it for what it’s worth) : make sure at least half of your plate is veggies. We usually serve rice, two veggie dishes, and one meat dish (usually meat with veggies). You scoop up a few bites at a time, wash it down with a little rice (think one scoop of rice is your dinner). For dessert, find some fruit that just makes your heart go pitter patter. Have fruit about half an hour before you go to bed. It is sweet, but…it’s no chocolate cake. However, you’ll feel a lot better in the morning!

  7. Welcome Monica!

    (See this IS just like an AA meeting. )

    (Not that I’ve ever been to one, but I’ve seen them in movies.)

    Anyway, I’m glad you’re with us. Having a support great is a great idea. Like Badness, I use my blog and this blog to keep me accountable. By telling hundreds and hundreds of people how much weight I’ve lost, I simply must succeed. 🙂 I’m sure you will too.

  8. Hi Monica! I am very tempted to crash your Chub Club meeting. I was talking to my blog friend Barb, (who by the way should SO come over here and blog, hmmmm…) and she was saying that WW online doesn’t work for her because she needs the threat of impending shame at a meeting to keep her motivated. And I’m thinking she’s on to something.

    I’m glad you joined us. Even though you’re a totally skinny fluffy chick.

  9. fluffysue

    You should totally come. Barb is right impending shame is a great motivator. I tend to really watch my self a few days leading up to weigh in, because I know that everyone else is going to see that number to.

    If you want info on when and where email me at monicabuckles at bridesclub dot com

  10. monicabuckles. I wish you were in my area (Easter Ontario, Canada).

    I’ve been thinking about trying to do the weight loss thing _again_. Today I actually stopped eating around 8, though didn’t do the water thing, and completely over ate at dinner. Making cream puffs with my MIL on the eve of her return to Western Canada didn’t help much, except it stopped me from crying. 😉

  11. I am actually paying the money for WW… that’s part of the draw for me though. I HATE wasting my money, so I want to make sure I get every pennies worth. Is why “all you can eat” restaurants are a disaster for me.

  12. That sounds like a great plan! You go!

    Welcome, by the way.

  13. yay Monica! Find what works for you and go with it!!

  14. I really want to join the clique too. What brand of jeans will you be wearing?

  15. very funny.
    i love it “hello my name is sheila and I’m chubby”
    i may have to rename my fatty blog -that is just too funny to me.

  16. I just joined WW myself….I have heard wonderful things about it…oh crap…sorry didn’t do my intro.

    Hi, My name is Stacie
    this is my first time attending WW.

  17. Hey!
    Can I link to your blog from mine (www.chubbycourtney.wordpress.com)? I am also following WW. 🙂

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