What’s for dinner at the House of Bad?

Hi everybody! You can call me Badness. I’ve started on a weight loss journey and Jen invited me over to Fight the Fluffy. I posted about my diet at home today, but I have a specific issue I’d like some insight/help on.

I have 2 little children, my daughter is 4 and my son is one. They are both active and healthy, and I want them to stay that way. My boy is in perpetual motion, and needs more calories – not less. My girlie doesn’t need to subsist on diet food. And I don’t say ‘diet’ in the house…..I do not want to pass any of my food issues onto my beautiful children…I especially worry about the Princess.

So how do I feed them? How do I feed us? I don’t have the time or inclination to cook separate meals. I don’t want to eat modified, engineered, fat-free products. I want to eat food. I want my family to eat together, and my children to learn healthy habits and an appreciation for food. So far I have been cooking healthy things, with less fat and more veggies than I was before, and adding fat back (in the form of butter, cheese, p.b., etc.) to the kids portions.

If anyone has any menu/recipe ideas that are great for a family, and great for the waistline, let me know….I have a feeling I’m going to run out before long, and I don’t want to fall back on Kraft dinner!

Thanks for letting me join you over here….I can’t wait to get to know all of you.


8 responses to “What’s for dinner at the House of Bad?

  1. Yeah, I think you’ve pretty much got it – eat normal food. Just eat smaller amounts of it. Portion control. You can’t live your life “on a diet.” None of us should be “on a diet.” We should be eating normal, healthy food, but making sure we are not eating too much.

    Ideas? My kids like salad bar night. We put out all kinds of salad fixings and they make their own, and that’s dinner, along with a piece of toast or something like that. Oriental foods that are not fried are pretty low cal. Homemade pizza can be surprisingly low cal. (I don’t make the crust, I buy it.) My kids like fajitas – just skip the sour cream and guac for yourself and go easy on the cheese.

  2. There’s a book out there called Deceptively Delicious, full of great recipes and advice about teaching our kids to eat healthy. It has these awesome recipes full of fruits and veggies that make it so your kids don’t even realize they’re eating them. They still suggest you offer them in their real, visible form, but the recipes are brilliant! Definitely a worthwhile investment.

    I’m struggling with the same thing. Good luck!

  3. english101toolkit

    I think you are totally on the right track.

    I found a recipe from pampered chef for chicken risotto that my kids love. It only has 220 calories per serving and the serving size is quit large.

    We are not big veggie eaters, but my kids love this one and it is REALLY easy.

  4. Ditto everything Sue said. My girls like salad night too and I also make sure to include shredded cheese and boiled egg to add protein for them. We also do DIY Pizza Night.

    This time of year, we make soup at least once a week and my soups are healthy but yummy — vegetable (with or without beef), chicken noodle, lentil, split pea, etc. I tend to eat smaller portions but have a bigger salad, while my girls will have more soup and less veggies. I also make bread in the breadmaker, which seems like an indulgence but is less so because I use whole wheat and other hearty grains and not so much white flower.

    You have the right idea about teaching the kidlets to eat healthy but not obsessing about diet and losing weight. As you have already surmised, this is especially important for girls.

  5. I totally feel you.

    There were some ideas that I totally loved in Cookie Magazine this month : cook meals that can be taken apart and put back together. For example : serve a cobb salad. Serve all the parts (greens, beans, cheese, eggs, bacon, dressing, etc.) separately. Maybe Prince and Princess take four eggs apiece and 8 slices of cheese. Cool. You get one egg, half a slice of cheese, etc.

    The same goes for pizza (top yours with more heart-healthy pesto for instant flavour) and let them pile on the mozzarella. Bean soup is another idea – let them doll it up with sour cream and cheese. See where I’m going with this?

    We usually end up serving our princess whatever we’re having, and then cheese or yogurt on the side for more protein (protein = sleep through the night when you’re 1!)

    Good luck!

    Oh, and thank you for bringing up phood phobias and girls. I’m trying so hard to teach my little one to eat right. Those things can go on for generations.

  6. Welcome Badness!
    Just eat healthy. Smaller portions, ect.
    My DH is diabetic, so I cook low carb meals. I lost weight after he was diagnosed, just from following the same diet.
    We eat wheat bread instead of white. (it’s a hard transition, but my kids finally like the wheat bread) We also go easy on the high carb foods such as pasta, rice and potatoes. We still have them sometimes, but as side dishes and in smaller portions.
    I love the idea of a salad bar, I think my kids would like it. They like fresh spinach. (I brainwashed them with Popeye cartoons when they were younger;0)

  7. It’s tough and many days I just end up making separate meal. Mainly for breaky and lunch though cuz who wants nuggets anyway?! lol

    I don’t diet per say but sort of modify what the fam is eating. If we have wraps or fajitas, I just won’t have the tortilla and have the filling on a salad. Or I never eat the bun when we have burgers and I buy salmon ones for me.

    I watch the calorie/fiber/fat combo on everything cuz really they don’t need empty calories either. Sounds like you’re doing great actually:)
    Good luck. I’ve just re-embarked on mission lose the Christmas weight too!

  8. Hullo Badness, I cook deconstruction meals as well. potato bar, tacos, homemade pizza (turkey pepperoni is the bomb, yo) and the like… but we have a slew of allergies, intolerance, and texture issues between all of us eaters. I walked into the marriage knowing dinner would be like this, so mostly it’s cool. Portion, portion, portion is the way to go. Plus whole grain wherever I can sneak it in, we have a wheat grinder and fresh makes all the difference.

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