Jen’s Challenge, week 2

Last week I challenged all of us to make one, just one, positive change to improve our health. It could be something major, like taking up running, or something simpler, like adding five minutes to your treadmill time or switching from whole milk to 2%. Easy things. Things that won’t cause major upheaval in your life.

Caroline wrote about what she’s going to do, including signing up for the Discovery Challenge and cutting back on how much Dr. Pepper she drinks. Toni is signing up to do Bob Greene. Randi talked about the Discover Challenge too.  And Bon Mama?  Well, she’s dusting us with her mad running skills.

This week, I challenge all of us to find one more thing. It can be easy or hard or somewhere in between. If you didn’t do anything new last week, I challenge you to do one thing this week.

Last week I re-committed to walking every day, which I had gotten away from during the holidays. I also added more vegetables to my diet. This coming week, I’m going to focus on drinking more water, which I’ve been less committed to in the past few weeks, as well as maintaining what I did last week.

What about everyone else? What are you going to do?


5 responses to “Jen’s Challenge, week 2

  1. I’m just starting out, but one thing I’m going to do is stop eating off my children’s plates….it’s become a nasty habit. I’m just going to throw that food out, the waist overrules the waste!!

  2. I just started walking every day, and this week I’m adding in an eating plan. I do best when I write everything down and track it obsessively, and have a calorie or point limit, so that’ll be my thing this time too.

  3. I love my idiotic resolution. One year, I decided to not eat any sugar for the whole year. I lasted exactly 5 days. This year, I decided to make myself a little contest wherein I try to beat my previous PR. So I will see how many days in a row I will go without sugar. When I break down and just have to have that chocolate decadence, or the sorry Mike and Ikes, I will just start again from the beginning. I figure this will make me, at the very least, consume less sugar this year.

  4. I will walk on the treadmill more consistantly. I did get a few days on it last week, but then I got sick. (illness was in no way related to the treadmill walking)
    Also, this week, instead of asking the kids to get things for me, I will get up and get them myself.

  5. This is a great idea. I aim to exercise – just a little – in the mornings. There. I said it. Now I’ll be accountable.

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