I just wanted to introduce myself. I am Shelly and I need to Fight the Fluffy. An old friend of mine, Caroline, let me know about this blog. So far I have to say that I think it is fabulous! I am anxious to get to know all of you in our journey of weight loss.

For a little back story, I have not always needed to Fight the Fluffy. As a kid I was bigger and always felt like the fat girl. Then, as a freshman in Jr. high, I cut soda and red meat out of my diet and lost a LOT of weight. I went down to a 8-10ish and loved it. Then in high school, I worked out more, took PE and even joined a gym. I hovered between a 6-10 for most of my teen years. I used to love working out. I would go every day for multiple hours. I would do cardio, weight, sauna and swimming all in one trip.

After I got engaged I started to gain weight and it has continued since then. I am now 100 more pounds than I want to be: around 245. I have let the ease of marriage and laziness set in. I don’t eat right most days and don’t use my gym membership that we pay for.

The kicker is that I don’t even have kids yet. I hear other women talk about how they are struggling to lose the baby weight and I feel like a big loser who doesn’t have kids yet—I am just fat. So my goal this year is to lose weight for myself, my husband and our future kids. I know that if I am in better shape, it will not only help me get pregnant, but also help during and after the pregnancy.

Sorry I am rambling. I am just jazzed to have a group with common goals. Thanks for letting me into your club! 🙂


7 responses to “Introduction….

  1. Welcome Shelly! I’m so glad you’ve joined us.

  2. Yay Shelly! You are NOT a loser….a lot of struggled with weight before kids, and it just intensified after.

  3. Hi Shelly! ( why do I suddenly feel like I’m in an AA meeting?)

    Extra weight is no fun, no matter how you got it. So glad you’re here!

  4. I gained weight just like you – from the engagement on. I never really gained that much with my kids – in fact, with every pregnancy, after I had the baby I ended up weighing less than I had before. I just weighed a LOT before I got pregnant each time. A lot a lot a lot. So I can relate. Welcome!

  5. Hi Shelley!
    My hubby and I both gained 20 pounds in the six months after we met!
    I have a similar story to yours, I was a thin teenager. That was 80 pounds ago.
    I so miss being thin.
    Glad you’ve joined us!!

  6. Hey Shelley, Welcome. Glad you came. The more the merrier!

  7. Yeah… I had stretch marks on my tummy loooong before I ever had kids. Is bummer. But you are here today!

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