I suck.

I’m a deserter, I know.  I went AWOL for all of December.  I just couldn’t face it.  In fact, I just – didn’t click on the link at all for several weeks.  I didn’t want to know how well you were all doing.   It was a pretty dumb strategy, frankly, since I managed to gain EIGHT POUNDS in December.  EIGHT POUNDS.   There should be an award for rapid weight gain.  I would totally win. 

Anyway.  Sorry about the whole – bailing thing.  I’m back.  Ish.  I guess the cool thing about life is that you always get a do-over.  Well, at least until you die.

A lady from my church came by tonight.  She is teaching the sunday school class that my three year old son will start attending tomorrow and she brought a stuffed puppy over for him – told him he could bring it with him to church to help him be less nervous.  (How totally sweet, right?)   I couldn’t stop staring at her.  She’s lost 150 pounds in the last year, all from walking.  She started at a little over 300.  She didn’t diet, she just started walking every day.   She walks for two-and-a-half hours every single day.  She said, “I walked my guts out.”  I’ve seen her out there in our neighborhood, walking.  She isn’t a speed racer, she just has massive amounts of endurance.

I don’t have that much time each day for walking, but I do have SOME time.  And I want to look as good as she does.  I want to feel as good as she looks like she feels.  So tonight, as soon as the kids were in bed, I went out for a walk.  I walked around three miles, from what I can figure out.  I figure it’s a start.   That’s all we can really do, right?  Not give up?


12 responses to “I suck.

  1. Sue, you DO NOT suck! Truly. December is a busy, crazy, stressful, discombobulated month for most people, especially those with three little children.

    Going for the walk was a really great step in the right direction. Actually, it was probably more like 6,000 steps!

    Welcome back, girlfriend!!!

  2. Don’t do that – you don’t suck. Seriously.

    I agree – we all get a do over. All we can do is start over and then start again and again, IF needs me.

    You’re going to do great.

  3. Eh. The national average gain for Americans between Thanksgiving and New Years? Is 15 pounds.

    You are doing just fine.
    AND you are doing something about it! Walking is rocking it OLD SCHOOL BABAY!

  4. wow! 150 pounds in a year? just a serious WOW.

  5. I agree with the WOW. I should start walking too, jeez!

  6. Welcome back Sue!!
    You walked, Yay you!!!!!
    Don’t feel too bad, I gained 8 pounds in December also. That darned fudge again.

  7. Ahem. Told ya so. I gained 8-10 pounds too, if it makes you feel any better. But without the guilt, because I’m not trying to lose weight until tomorrow.

    I’m lying. I feel lousy. Who knew I could stuff that much extra food into my mouth in one month? I am dreading this WW weigh-in. I hope they train their receptionists not to say, “Oh, look – you’re right back where you were when you first came here 2 years ago! What happened?!”

  8. 150 pounds? Man oh man! I wonder how much I would have to pay my 16 year old to babysit for two and a half hours, six days a week. I am pretty sure that I don’t have that much money. So glad to have you back, I missed your posts.

  9. I gained 7 pounds in December….but we’ll both lose it. You SO don’t suck. What an amazing inspiration your friend must be….

  10. I gained 6 pounds. Dang. Almost topped you. I could’ve tried harder… 2.5 of it is gone already though. Whoo!

    How awesome to have inspiration like that walking around. I need to get in on some of that walking action too. Hello treadmill!

  11. Walking does burn off steam too…. I am getting into regular exercise and although it does suck to get up so d*** early… it feels so good !! One step at a time ya’ll…. it is hard… but it can be done.

  12. Sue, you are awesome! congrats on the 3 miles! that’s a lot! I too have gained a solid 15 pounds since August and am NOT happy about it. Sigh. Maybe I should hit the “streets” and start walking?

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