I Have a Confession

I feel like I’ve been MIA for the past few weeks. Not that I’ve gone anywhere or anything. I’ve just, you know, been avoiding anything that could possibly remind me to “get fit” and “lose weight”…… including our fabulous fluff-buster.

 So I’m fessing up. I’m RE-starting weight watchers tomorrow. Official weigh-in and everything.  I’m a teensy bit scared. And that is currently the only teensy thing about me! gasp!

 Meanwhile, I’ve been trying to resolve my resolutions. It’s a trying task you know. Because I’m not  usually one to make resolutions. This is my first year, really. And some of the things I was thinking about just made me laugh because I KNOW they won’t stick.

I’m going to go to the track at 5:00am”  –  unh-uh

I’m going to stop drinking soda” – again, unh-uh.  However, I WILL only get a small Dr. Pepper instead of the 44oz…. (And for those of you who know the depth of my dependency on this substance, this is a major feat. I ♥ Dr. Pepper.)

I’m going to exercise daily” – it’s just not going to happen. Promise. I’ll exercise, sure. Daily? unlikely.

 I did sign up for the Discovery Health Body Challenge.  And I signed up with Mr. Hal Higdon so I could learn to run. (I know it seems basic enough but it’s not like I can just go run 5miles.  If I could, I wouldn’t be fluffy.)

I also feel like I should tell you that beyond that, there’s really no point to this little diddy I just typed up. I just had to type it and post it so that I would be accountable and all. (Because let’s face it. If I was accountable to myself, I also probably wouldn’t be so fluffy.)

 That’s what she said.


9 responses to “I Have a Confession

  1. Hey, instead of a regular Dr pepper, try the diet. No calories. That way you don’t need to stop cold turkey.
    Have you tried the cherry vanilla diet Dr pepper? I’m addicted to it.
    As for the exercise, maybe say you will start exercising 3 days a week, then you can always tell yourself that if you get through the exercise one day, you can reward yourself by not doing it the next day.
    Or you can just sit and watch the workout video like I do. Seriously, changing channels with the remote should burn a few calories shouldn’t it?
    I’ve recently discovered that drinking more water causes you to get more exercise. I’ts all that extra walking to the bathroom.

  2. Caroline, this is great! A few days ago, I challenged everyone to make at least one positive change this week and you’ve listed several. Even cutting from the large Dr. P. to the small is a huge step in the right direction.

    Getting healthier isn’t about deprivation, it’s about making smart choices. One thing I’ve refused to give up since I started WW is bottled Starbucks mocha frapps. What I did do is start pouring half of a bottle into a mug and drinking just that half in the morning. I still get that little treat to help me kick-start my day, but at only 100 calories. Believe me, it’s worth the 2 WW points!

    Good luck. I’m looking forward to hearing more in the coming weeks.

  3. Good for you, Caroline. I think being realistic and being accountable are two of the most important things we do!
    Great job.

  4. I think being realistic works. My goal for next week, no seriously? To exercise for ten minutes at least three days of the week. Once I do that, I’ll be so thrilled with my accomplishment, minor as it may be, that I’ll be more likely to increase it the next week. You know?

    Keep us posted!

  5. “I’ve just, you know, been avoiding anything that could possibly remind me…” Yeah. I hear you. I really do. Congratulations on re-starting. That in itself is a huge achievement.

  6. P.S. Diet Dr. Pepper is AWESOME.

  7. Diet DP is almost as good as the original….just start little and you will get there. I said no soda this year….but we had a ton in the fridge…so we are dirnking it all this week and starting “No Soda” tomorrow!

  8. No soda sounds like a good one. I think I will make that one myself.

  9. Every time we face the mirror, step on the scale, or shout out to the world that yes, we’re fluffy, it helps us. It gets us that much closer to doing something about it. Posts like this serve a huge purpose. Good for you!

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