Discovery Health Challenge

by JustRandi

This week, anyone who wants to can sign up for the Discovery Health body challenge. There are lots of benefits to this including:


· An 8-week membership to Bally Total Fitness

· Customized meal plans with over 1,000 kitchen-tested, nutritionist-approved recipes
· Progressive fitness plans, tailored for you by experts
· Diverse community of support to help you achieve your personal lifestyle goals
· Individualized weight and fitness trackers
· Video and interactive tools from fitness and weight loss professionals
· And much more!

For those of us who live in weather-challenged areas, this place to indoor exercise is a major benefit.  I signed up this morning.

You can check it out here:

Even if you don’t have a Bally’s close to you, you can still benefit from the meal and fitness plans and trackers. It looks like a winner!


5 responses to “Discovery Health Challenge

  1. Dang I wish we had a Bally’s near here! Thanks for the info Randi!

  2. I’m going to take a look. Thanks Randi. I figure the more I sign up for things, the more obligated I will feel and the more support I will have.

  3. Alright, I totally signed up… eek!

  4. WOAH! There is a Bally Total Fitness RIGHT NEXT DOOR to my work. I am totally going over there to sign up. Thanks for the tip, you rock!

  5. Hi everyone,

    Just wanted to introduce myself. This seems like a nice place and I look forward to hanging out here 🙂


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