A new year, a new you

Posted by Jen

We’ve been doing this Fluffy thing since mid-November. We’ve gotten through the holidays and all the food porn paraded in front of us. Now it’s January and, for those of us who are ready, time to get serious about this business of getting healthier. Some of us have made radical changes already, others are taking baby steps, while others are still contemplating what needs to be done. No matter where we all are in the process, there’s always one more thing we can do.

The holidays are over, 2008 is here, and I have a challenge for you Fluffy readers:

This week, make at least one change in your life that will positively impact your health. Whether it’s switching from whole milk to 2%, doing five more minutes on the treadmill, or having a salad instead of mashed potatoes and gravy, I encourage each and every one of you to try at least one new thing between now and January 8th.

Here are the two changes I will be implementing starting today:

  1. I will go for a brisk walk every day. This is my normal habit, but I just didn’t have the time last week. No more putting my needs to the side — I’ll be lacing up my sneakers in a few minutes and doing a three mile loop through my hilly neighborhood.
  2. I will eat more vegetables (particularly salads) every day. I had been doing great with this, but have slipped a bit in the past week or two.

So tell me, what are YOU going to do this week?


9 responses to “A new year, a new you

  1. Brava to you–and I think this online support group is great stuff! In the name of health, I hereby resolve to boost my fruit and veg. intake even more and eliminate fake yogurt products from our fridge.

  2. Hmmm. That’s a tough one. I resolve to clear my house of Christmas goodies. (And not by putting them in my mouth!)

  3. I already have my two decided-

    1-Eliminate soda entirely…..drink mainly water

    2-Eliminate beef and most pork products…..stick to chicken and fish

  4. 1 – Drink a gallon of water each day.

    2 – Eat 2-3 servings of vegetables every day.

  5. This may sound lame, but this week, I will drink something besides Diet Dr. Pepper.
    Yesterday I realized that I haven’t had anything non-carbonated to drink for a long time.
    I’m wondering if I might be slightly dehydrated.
    I think I’ll try water.
    I will also get back in my treadmill routine.

  6. Yesterday started my taper. Six days of one 20 oz diet Dr. Pepper. Six days of one 12 oz. Then all year of happy nada (nothing) and water… I will reevaluate at the beginning of next year.

    I will also be running the local Icebreaker 5K in April, so… on with the training for THAT bad boy!

  7. I have given up the 4 a day diet coke addiction. No more pop in our house for anyone.
    And once I’m back from Houston and the dreaded convention food, fruit and salads are going to become regualr staples during the day.

    This is a fantastic idea Jen. Thanks for the motivation.

  8. Okay, for this next week, I will commit to stop eating two hours before bedtime and I will increase my activity level (meaning I will actually take a stroll a couple of times this week).

    Jen, are we required to report back and be responsible in a week?

  9. I’m going to actually try to start up again. And I’m going to start posting and participating again. And I’m going to try to stop gaining weight.

    That’s more than one, isn’t it. Hmmmm… Actually, my one thing will be to try to go out for a walk or some type of exercise each day.

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