Answer me this…….

Here are a few questions.
1. Why does it take weeks and weeks to loose some weight, and then only take a few days to gain it back?
2. Why does gaining weight cause me to be drown my dissapointment in chocolate rather than get on the treadmill?
3. Does it make me a bad mom if I search through my kid’s Christmas stockings and eat any chocolate I might find?

I weighed in yesterday, and I have gained back all but 3 of the pounds I lost.
I did really well until 2 days before Christmas, then I gave in. I probably shouldn’t have made all those treats for the neighbors, or at least I shouldn’t have sampled everything as I made it.
Two days ago, My hubby called home from work and asked if I would make sure that all the fudge was gone before he got home. I ate it. I thought of it as an act of service.
Yesterday I had a new strategy. I put the big box of chocolates given to us by our neighbor on the kitchen table, and told the kids to get rid of it. They ate it. (O.K. that was probably not the best idea, but I thought that all the calories divided amoung the 4 of them wouldn’t be as bad as me eating all of it) (and for a few fleeting moments, I was considered “cool Mom”) (And they are young, thin and athletic with really high metabolisms) (And I usually make them eat only vegetables…………or at least from now on I will make them eat only vegetables)
I have managed to exercise the last two days. Yesterday I walked on the treadmill, and today I went ice skating with my daughter. If nothing else those things kept me from eating for a few minutes;0)
The kids go back to school next week (after being off for the whole month) and I am hoping that getting back to a normal routine will help me stay focused.
We have a whole month and a half before the next chocolate filled holiday is upon us.


8 responses to “Answer me this…….

  1. We seem to be living parallel lives at the moment. Just this morning as I searched frantically for my cell (which I still haven’t found by the way) I came across a forgotten Christmas stocking. Instead of giving it to the original owner, I shoved it back into the hiding place and made a mental plan to come back later and see what what was in it! Bad mother! Now that I have read your post, I am going to give the stocking to the child and not eat all the mint chocolates first…even though I am sure that I would appreciate them more than a 5 year old possibly could.

  2. With the holidays come all those fun festive foods that help define the season for us. I know it’s tough to have them around — I’ve been ignoring my children’s Christmas chocolate, but it’s been tough. Pretty much the only thing that has kept me honest is that my children pretty much inventory their treats (each girl’s stored in her own Ziploc bag) and would accuse each other of theft if something went missing.

    If you could get in some exercise every day or nearly every day, that would be great. If not, just hang in there until next week. Good luck!

  3. I actually did the almost unthinkable. I threw away the leftover cookies and fudge. I still ate the chocolates, but I threw out half the temptation, and I’m proud of myself for that. Baby steps, right? I also use the “Drink lots of water to flush the sugar through so it doesn’t stick” philosophy. It’s a load of crap, of course, but it gets me drinking water so the sugar doesn’t dehydrate me as much, so I figure it’s all good.

  4. Is unfair.

    My only hope is to try and shed the thrillions of pounds I gained back before my next weigh in on Jan 8th.

    All it took was six days of eating treats and not exercising, and working out was like running through mud. And the really sad thing is, I was waaaaay more sensible this year in my eating and sweets consumption than I have been for about a decade.

    Huh, reading that last sentence… is no wonder I have come to closely resemble a fluffy pink ducky these past few years. A BIG, fluffy pink ducky.

  5. I think we’re all guilty of this. I know I am and just don’t have the balls to fess up….

  6. I wish I knew why it takes SOOOOOOO much longer to loose it.

    Personally, I ate everything in site over the holiday. You are not alone in the stocking diving for chocolate.

    Hang in there chickie, you can do this!!!

  7. This year I was busy with my own finals and teaching my kids through a virtual school. So my hubby took over the Christmas candy shopping. He is the absolute most cheapest person I know, and he bought really cheap candy. It was so bad, that when I was eating a piece of chocolate carmel I actually spit it out into the garbage. Who spits out a chocolate carmel? I even kept chewing it, trying to give it a chance to improve with age. It didn’t. So I haven’t really had a problem ignoring the Christmas candy this year.

  8. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Oh, Jill, you kill me. I can relate. SO MUCH. It’s a new month now, right?

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