Okay, so, I completely suck

Posted by Barb:

Other than that, things are just peachy, thanks.

I haven’t posted. I haven’t dieted. I’ve exercised a smidge but only if you compare that to the exercise I was getting BEFORE I joined this blog, which was exactly none, thank you.

I’ve been going back to the podiatrist because I’m still in so much pain from my massive reconstructive foot surgery that I had in March. He’s been doing a series of steroid shots which do seem to be helping. But truthfully? I could have exercised more during this time–I could have done the abs tape and gone to yoga more often. I could have put my bike on the trainer and just pedaled away. I could have been swimming laps–even when I couldn’t push off, I could have used a pullboy and gotten an upper-body work-out.

I didn’t do it.

I didn’t diet either. In the time that I’ve been bitching about how hideous I feel, my friend Kathy has been plugging away at non-glamorous Weight Watchers and has lost 16 pounds!

Me? Not lost one single bit, thanks.

So, I know what to do and honestly, it’s my sole goal for the first quarter of 2008. We’re going to be moving to New York in March and I need some better physical resources than I have. Also, I’d like NOT to look like my husband’s MOTHER. Once upon a time, he used to call me his trophy wife. Now I look more like the trophy… for discus throwing.

Anyway, I’m joining WW and I’m going to keep my food journal and I’m going to start exercising. I will even (oh, help me) give up alcohol for the duration. I am starting tomorrow (well, today. What was Jen’s post about sleep deprivation? Oh yeah, right.) –before New Year’s Eve. Because I am totally sick of looking and feeling like this.

Please send encouragement my way. I’m a little terrified but very resolute.

And, oh yeah, I’m going to post a lot more!

Thanks, Barb


8 responses to “Okay, so, I completely suck

  1. Barb, sometimes a person has to hit a personal low before deciding to get serious about getting healthy. That’s what happened to me about six weeks ago and, even though there are days that I want to dive face-first into a vat of M&Ms, I just remember how much better I’m going to look and feel, and how much healthier I will be, when I have hit my target weight. YOU CAN DO THIS! And we’re here to support you.

  2. Barb, don’t beat yourself up to much. It seems I have done the opposite of the right thing since joining this blog as well. But as Scarlett always says “Tomorrow is another day”. You can do this. We are here for you.

  3. The thing is – that was before, and this is today. Just do something every today.
    You can totally do this!

  4. Ditto, ditto, ditto. It’s okay! You can start anytime and we’re here. You can do this!

  5. Dang…all the good comments seem to have been made already. I’m in a very similar place to you. Terrified…resolute (except where peanut butter bars are concerned…~sigh~)…and also, a little excited. I know how to do this. I just have to decide to. So…how exciting is that? How much fun are we going to have getting all svelte and sexy again? Next year, my husband is taking pictures at Christmas, because I’m going to want to be in them all! yeah!

  6. The past is in the past. You can’t do anything about it. Today is all you have to work with. Go for it!

  7. Thank you all so much. For me, making it through the first few days is a big indicator of how strong my resolve is. And I’ve written everything down. I stuck to my points (more of less.) I didn’t drink wine. I didn’t eat chocolate. I didn’t get much exercise but there is always tomorrow early. Because if it doesn’t happen early, it won’t happen, right?

    Okay, I believe you. We can do this!

  8. Moving to New York? Fun! Foot surgery? Not fun! Good job on a good first few days, keep it up tomorrow and hit the new year running.

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