Are you getting enough sleep?

The Washington Post has an interesting article on the correlation between sleep deprivation and weight gain.


2 responses to “Are you getting enough sleep?

  1. This really hits home. Sleep is a big issue for me. Working at home, with 4 kids, it seems the only time I am able to work is at night after everyone else has gone to sleep.
    Not only does not getting enough sleep make it difficult to loose weight, also not getting good quality sleep can be just as bad.
    I was diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea nearly 4 years ago. Turns out I was having around 15 sleep disturbances per hour. This meant that every 4 minutes, I was waking up just enough to start breathing again, but not enough to be aware of waking up.
    You don’t need to be overweight to have sleep apnea, but it does make the condition worse. It also makes it more difficult to loose weight.
    If you snore (or have been told that you do;) you should make it a priority to get a sleep study. Go to an actual sleep clinic where you can do a full sleep study.
    Sleep apnea is really scary stuff. It can contribute to strokes and heart disease.
    I know that I feel much better now than I did before I was treated. I have more energy. (and who wouldn’t like that?!!)
    Here’s an article with more information.

  2. Sleep is such an easy thing to give up isn’t it? As a heart patient, one of the things I have to watch is how much water I am carrying around at all times. I find my body has a much easier time getting rid of excess fluid if I am well rested.

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