A big loser

Posted by Paul:

Well, “the biggest loser” actually is Bill Germanakos from the black team. I really wanted Julie to win (she was my favorite contestant this season), but with 160-some-odd pounds lost, Bill really is the biggest loser.

Didn’t the contestants look great tonight! I hope for their sakes that they can continue with what they have learned.

As for the show in general, I’m still a big fan–as in how much I like the show, since technically I’m 45 pounds lighter than when I first saw the show (but I digress)–and I’m pretty excited that the writers are still on strike, which means we get a new Biggest Loser season that starts in January.

Anyway, what were your thoughts as you watched the Biggest Loser finale?


5 responses to “A big loser

  1. Yeah… I was thinking that Julie really had a shot at the BL title, but those twins were powerhouses! Did you notice that in the end, the brother who lost the greatest percentage of body fat won the lesser amount.

  2. I was glad Bill won! I could not stand Julie, Hollie or Isabeau. Julie did look great though.

  3. I love, love, love watching those transformations. What an incredible dose of much needed hope that was!

  4. I haven’t ever really watched the show. When I am in ‘overeat” “don’t care” mode, I find it difficult to watch others doing so well. I know, I’m weird.

  5. I just discovered the show and I love it! I’ve been rooting for Julie for about 4 weeks now, and she looked great! So did Kae.
    I was thinking I should print their pictures and put them on my fridge or something!

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