New jeans

Posted by Jen:

I faced reality a month ago and started Weight Watchers.

About two weeks before starting WW, I had bought a pair of new jeans because none of my pants fit. The jeans were a little loose, which was a nice feeling after wearing pants that were too tight.

Fast forward to today. I’ve lost around 12 or 13 pounds in the past month. My pants from last year now fit again.  And the original looseness of those new jeans has now become something much more. In fact, the jeans are now so loose that I don’t bother with the button and zipper when I take them off. A few days ago, the jeans almost fell off while I had my hands full at the store.  No kidding, I was walking through in Michael’s Craft Store and my pants just started heading south.  Luckily, I was able to stop a potential wardrobe malfunction.

I knew from the start that I’d eventually reach a point where I’d have to buy new clothes — in fact, I look forward to it with great eagerness. But for those of us who have lots of weight to lose and many clothing sizes to shrink, this presents a dilemma. Do I buy intermediate clothes, knowing that I’ll wear them for maybe a season and then be done with them? Clothes that are too big are just about as uncomfortable as those that are too tight. But I really don’t want to waste the money.

I decided to just go ahead and get a new pair of jeans while I was at Target today. The same style, just two sizes smaller. They’re too tight, but we’ll see how long that lasts! I paid a whopping $22.99 and I think it was money well spent in order to keep my rear end covered when I’m running errands.


11 responses to “New jeans

  1. That is awesome! Big accomplishment!

  2. Way to go!! I can’t wait to get to that point!

  3. Blah! I have a whole post about this same dilemma… only add in the fact that it’s really not so very fun to buy clothes for me even at this “reduced” size.

    So I am buying clothes I don’t really LOVE for a size I truly do not LOVE, no matter how great it is to be here. At this size. Better than it was to be the size (or two or three) bigger.

    I have just come to the conclusion that if I am walking around in outsized clothes that make me look and feel stupid, that is counterproductive to the positive things that I am trying to accomplish. So I carefully purchase a few new items of clothes.

  4. That is very exciting. Someone once suggested buying a few cheap in-between sizes so you don’t spend a lot of money on clothes you won’t wear for long.

    I’m looking forward to hearing about when your new jeans are too big. Keep it up!

  5. I’ve found that jeans that fit are an essential part of my wardrobe. Tops that are too big? No biggie…jeans that are too big? Yugh. Makes me feel dumpy. I actually buy the next size down before I’m 100% ready for them. I find it motivational. And if they’re not there, I actually worry about losing weight too fast – crazy eh?

  6. That is a GREAT dilema to have..YIPPEE. Unfortunately I have a whole plus size wardrobe in my closet so I am ready for the next size. To bad you aren’t you closer so I could share.

  7. I have to echo Tonya. Maybe there’s someone you could share/swap clothes with? I mean, on the one hand, that’s super exciting and on the other, it totally feels like a waste.

    And you could always hit up the thrift store…

  8. Awesome, Jen! 13 POUNDS?!?!? Wow.

    You’ll have to buy lesser quality clothing for now, and nothing fancy if you can avoid it.

    Good luck! Heidi 🙂

  9. SWEET. That is an incredible feeling. Congrats to you and your new jeans!

  10. This is why I never ever throw out pants. I have size 4 to size None of Your Business so I’m covered!

  11. Buy the new jeans without guilt! Part of the point of losing weight is feeling good about yourself, and looking good always helps. If you feel good in them for 3 or 4 months, then it is not a waste in my book.

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