Just Call Me Chicken

I have had a weight problem from gradeschool on. I remember my mom putting me on my first diet in fourth grade, after my third grade teacher rewarded us with all those yummy M&Ms. I fought weight during high school (about 10-20 pounds[really, what was I whining about?]) and even wired my teeth shut. Before I left for college I starved myself for quite a while and exercised faithfully and was the thinnest I had been in many years. When I made it to college with my new look, some guy told me that if I could just lose some weight I would really be pretty. I think that’s when I just gave up. It took about two weeks and I no longer fit into my skinny skinny jeans.

When I was engaged, I was the heaviest I had ever been. When I got married, I was the heaviest I had ever been. When I had my first baby I was the heaviest I had ever been. You get the picture.

Fast forward to today. I was so excited to join this blog and begin a new way of life. Once I was given the thumbs up to be a part of this community, I quit reading the blog. I just kept skipping over it in my Favorite’s column. Talk about chicken!

So now it’s time to take this bull by the horns and bring it down.

I have six children. I gained about 25 pounds with each one, never losing it. Are you starting to get a better picture here? Just the mere mention in passing of the word “diet” or “exercise” sends me into a binging frenzy while I veg out in front of Oprah. I am carrying around two of me, and I need to lose one of me, specifically about 150 pounds. It just seems too overwhelming, and I’m afraid of the commitment. So I’m hoping I will gain some courage by reading about your successes.

I have successfully accomplished step one. Hello, I’m Toni, and I’m overweight!


8 responses to “Just Call Me Chicken

  1. Welcome Toni! I’m so glad you’ve joined us. You’ve made a really important first step and I’m looking forward to hearing more from you in the coming months.

  2. Yeah! Toni! I have been waiting to see you on here! I am so excited to have you joining us. Please for give the lame comment but I must go pack!

  3. Helloooooo Toni. It’s great to have you hear and I understand so much how you feel. I have 2 of me as well and the task seems daunting at best.

    The good news is, we’re here and we’re trying and we’re all in it together. GO US!!!

  4. Glad you’re here Toni! Welcome!

  5. Come on in, Toni! Good to have you. Like Tonya said, we’re all trying and are all in it together.

  6. Baby steps… just take it day by day. BTW I never say “diet”… I have three little girls watching me like a hawk, and I don’t want to start them thinking about that kind of stuff. Plus I downplay my weight loss and focus on the strength, endurance and how “healthy” I am getting.

    I tell them I do “Weight Watchers,” and that it is a class to help me get healthier so I can run faster.

    Diet is a naughty, four letter word!

  7. Welcome Toni! I know what you mean about being chicken. I just went through a rough patch and while I kept reading and commenting, I didn’t feel like posting about how horribly I was doing. Facing up to it is hard, but it the long run it makes it sooooo much easier. There’s a good mix of frustration, inspiration, advice and support here. Looking forward to hearing more from you!

  8. ditto. I’m in that exact phase right now… : (

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