Step by step

Posted by Jen:

I am now four weeks into this journey.

I’ve faced Thanksgiving and survived. I have been to a few food-oriented social events and did not cave … too badly. I’m exercising portion control and am eating much healthier than I was a month ago. More veggies, less chocolate. Last week I talked about the changes I’ve been noticing already. Looser pants, for example, which is just wonderful.

I’m well on my way to breaking my bad food habits, but I learned last week — a week when I was very stressed by work — that it’s very easy for me to slip back to my old ways. I guess it will take longer than just a few weeks to break the bad habits of many years.

Remember those new scales I bought last week? I am just loving them! Really. They are just so cool that I can’t help wanting to weigh things. With Weight Watchers, we’re encouraged to weigh ourselves only weekly, but I am simply fascinated by how much my weight can change from day to day or even hour to hour. Seriously people, what is the deal? I can walk by the scales and hop on, then do the same an hour later. In that intervening 60 minutes, nothing will have changed — I won’t have eaten or had any water, changed clothes, or gone to the bathroom — but my weight could differ by one, two, or even three pounds. I just cannott figure that out. Also? It’s fun to weigh myself before I get dressed and then again after, just so I can see how much my various articles of clothing weigh. I know, I need to get a life.

How is everyone else doing this week?


7 responses to “Step by step

  1. Eating out too much…

  2. Old habits are hard to break and that is the battle I’ve had for years. Getting these new habits to stick like glue. Maybe I need to get some new glue. How big of a tube of super glue can you buy these days?

  3. Hee hee…I’ve done that weighing every hour or so thing so many times over the last few years. So much fun!

  4. I used to do that, but I stopped because it simply became all-consuming. I would freak out too much. But it *is* fun if you can keep sane about it.


  5. Hmm… maybe I need a scale?

  6. I know the weight of every item I own. That way when I jump on the scales (as I do many times each day) I can deduct the right amount off and feel better.

    All those clothes add up.

    Have healthy things on hand to eat when stressed.

  7. My scale has a switch that changes it from lbs to kg. I know how much I weigh every hour of the day in two weight systems! Plus my new scale is a square piece of glass (I was afraid to step on it the first few times) so add obsessive cleaning to obsessive weighing!

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