It’s a miracle

Just a quick minute to check in.  I don’t know how but I’m down 2 pounds this week.  I did not do that well so I have a feeling that it will catch up with me but I’ll take it while I can get it. 


8 responses to “It’s a miracle

  1. Hey, that’s great going! Congrats, hon! Most of us had a goal to just maintain during the holidays – a loss is outstanding!

  2. I’ve lost forty pounds so far, and over the course of that journey I was often blessed with inexplicable weight loss. Some days, that was all that kept me going. My guess? That some is looking out for you. =)

  3. I have this theory that the world always needs to weigh the same, so when someone looses weight, it floats around in the air and sticks to someone else.
    You, my friend might just be the lucky person to loose the weight that someone else has gained:-)
    (This would also be a good reason not to stand too close to someone on a diet.)
    Way to go!!

  4. Hahaha! Jillybeans, that’s a riot!


  5. Jill, that was hilarious and explains A LOT :o) I just want to thank all of you for being here with me through the journey.

  6. Nice work–I need a little bit of that unexplained weight loss myself…

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