Have You Ever…

…eaten an entire bag of some form of junk just to “get it out of the house”?

…followed up the junk with half a gallon of water to “flush it out before it sticks”?

 …ignored the tiny voice in the back of your head telling you you’re not enjoying it anyway and it’d be better to toss it in the trash?

…scowled and muttered at the person who bought the junk in the first place (i.e. not you)?

…scowled at the three extra pounds on the scale the next day?

…watched your plan to lose weight before Christmas disintegrate?

…felt too embarrassed to post about it on this fabulous weight loss blog you’re a member of because hey, you want to be an inspiring not depressing?

…realized that not talking about it and ignoring the bathroom scale for a full week isn’t going to help matters any?

…come out of the closet, rather shame faced, hoping that admitting it really is the first step?


5 responses to “Have You Ever…

  1. Eeeeeyeah… done it. Am trying to learn the fine art of throwing stuff out in the garbage can. Trying to go back to that place where I will only eat what I know is super yummy, and then only a little.

    Trying. This Christmas is already kicking my can.

  2. Been there, done that. I still struggle DAILY with my bad food habits.

  3. I have eaten things to get rid of them so I won’t be tempted by them.
    I have also eaten things because I couldn’t find space on the shelves to put them away, and I don’t want them on the kitchen counter anymore.
    I have eaten things because DH is diabetic, and he shouldn’t be eating them.
    I have eaten the rest of a bag of chips because there was not enough to put away, but too many to throw away.
    I have eaten Halloween candy because the kids left it out (after I have asked them to put it away), and so they deserve having it eaten.

  4. If there is an excuse for eating something, I have done it or said it.

    I have not had a stellar couple of weeks but I keep coming back here and we’re all in this together.

    We’re here for you chicky.

  5. It’s O.K. Kymbulee, everyone has those weeks (I’ve had lots and lots of them). Next week’s goal? Get back on the horse instead of eating it with velveeta over the top!

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