Back from vacation

Hi everyone!

We are halfway home from our vacation to Disneyland. I weighed in before we left home last week, and I had lost a total of 5 lbs!

I had a plan in place for eating at the parks, but what I didn’t have a plan for was visiting my DH’s aunt & uncle & family.

We hadn’t seen them for several years, so it was really great to visit with them, and of course, they fed us. The biggest hurdle was hanging out in the kitchen with the girls, while dinner was being prepared. There were chips and dip, chex mix and other snacks. I caved. However, I did only have 1 cookie after dinner, and I stayed completley away from the big bowl of Hershey’s kisses.

While at Universal studios, and Disneyland, we brought sandwiches and juice boxes for lunch, then ate from one of the restaurants at the park for dinner. We also did a TON of walking. I feel like I got a pretty good workout from that, plus I spent a great deal of time carrying around my toddler who was refusing to ride in the stroller. I figure that should help burn extra calories.

I had decided ahead of time that we would not be buying any treats.  We told the kids that we might get them some ice cream the last day we were there, but it turned out to be kind of cold and overcast, and nobody wanted ice cream then. They all settled for one of those big round lolliops. I did not buy any of the treats that I so dearly love, and guess what? I still had a really fun vacation!

I do need to give a thumbs up to Disney. The kids meals in the restaurants no longer come with fries. They now have healthier side dishes such as baby carrots, or fruit cups. We were also able to get sauteed vegetables instead of fries with our adult entrees.

While I didn’t have the snacks, I still think I may have eaten too much. I’m worried to see where I’ll be when I weigh in at home. right now I’m just hoping I didn’t gain anything. Or at least not more than I recently lost. I guess it could have been worse if I had bought one (or more) of those churros that were calling my name with that divine aroma of greasy fried pastry covered with cinnamon and sugar.


One thing I learned during this trip, is that for me, eating is more of an “event”.  As we walked past the many eating establishments in the parks, I would always think “Wouldn’t that be fun to eat there?” For me, going out to eat is a great form of entertainment. I love the atmosphere, trying new foods, and come on, it’s nice to be waited on every once in a while;)

One other thing I learned was how much I rely on having snacks in the car as we travel. I really missed those. I chewed a lot of gum.

Now we are coming home, and the kids are all talking about the fun Christmas activities they want to do such as bake cookies, make fudge, chocolate dip pretzles, make gingerbread houses, and go to a local bakery for fresh scones and hot chocolate. Why do all of our Christmas traditions revolve around high calorie food? Wouldn’t it be just as fun to make vegetable houses? Just a thought.



10 responses to “Back from vacation

  1. Congrats on sticking to your plan!

    For so many of us eating is an event, so I understand how you felt on your trip.

    If you make a vegetable house, I want to see photos. 🙂

  2. Jill, it sounds like you were successful! I admire your will power while traveling and the happiest place on earth. Pat yourself on the back, that’s great going.

    I hope your weigh in is what you hope for. It sounds like you made some very smart choices, coupled with all the activity and walking.

    Re: the gingerbread house – if you buy those kits, nobody will eat any of it. It tastes really bad.

  3. Congrats on the weight loss!!!!!

  4. Oooo…you should market the veggie house idea!

  5. Hmmm, how would you get the vegetables to stick to each other?

    Plus, you probably walked 87 miles at Disneyland so, don’t worry about the numbers this week. You went to Disneyland, and you WON THE FOOD BATTLE. You, my friend, are a rock star.

  6. O.K. weigh in didn’t go as well as I had hoped.
    I am now depressed, and I’m frantically looking for chocolate.
    On the bright side, I just asked my kids if they wanted to make a vegetable house, and they want to! (What can I say, they are a little strange. Adorable, but strange)
    We are totally open for suggestions for how to get the vegetables to stick together.
    Any ideas?

  7. Hold on, vegetable house? It will get all shriveled at the top and gooey/stinky at the bottom. I hope your kids eat veggies fast! As for sticking together, lowfat cream cheese? Of course you would have to keep it in the fridge, which would hold off the gooey/stinky problem for a few days. I agree with jen, we want photos!

  8. I think Amy has a great idea – low fat cream cheese should make good “mortar” for the veggie house. I wouldn’t go with the fat free, as it may be too squishy to work.

    Please take photos! You may inspire a new holiday tradition for us all. Sounds like a good way to make eating veggies fun.

  9. HAhahahaaa! Veggie House! Sorry about the WI not going as great as you had hoped, but it sounds to me like you had a pretty successful trip.

    I always tell myself that “next week” the WI will go better, and sometimes it does!

    The only thing about lowfat cream cheese is that it is really mooshy and gelatinous… you may need to mix in some regular to stiffen it up.

  10. What about Hummus? I have left it uncovered in the fridge before and it really is just like cement.

    Just a thought.

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