Very important to remember

Reminder to self:  Before starting a new weight loss program, it’s a good idea to ascertain if my scales are actually accurate.  Given that I’ve been using the same analog scales for ten years, it’s really quite likely they’re off.

Okay, okay, so I’ll never start a new weight loss program again — I’m doing this one until I hit my goal.  But now I know that the right equipment is important.

Last week — and two weeks after I started Weight Watchers — I went to the doctor for a check-up.  Of course, I was weighed.  When I saw the numbers, knowing what I weighed at home, I demanded a recount — on different scales.  It turns out that my old scales at home were six pounds light.  Six.  Pounds.  Light.

Whimper.  Sob.

I went out this week and bought some spiffy new digital scales.  I then went into my online WW account and reset all of my weigh-ins to the correct number.


Oh well, at least I found out now and not months from now when I’ll hopefully be within striking range of my goal.


11 responses to “Very important to remember

  1. I’m sorry Jen. That sucks! But a weight loss is still a weight loss, even if the starting number was a bit off.

    You’re doing great!


  2. Silver lining time: Hmm…I’ve got it! Now your weight loss story will be even more impressive because your starting weight was 6 pounds heavier. Think of how much more impressed everyone will be! (I’m more impressed already!)

  3. Wow! That really stinks. I have an analog scale that I’ve been using for about 10 years. I guess I should upgrade. But now I don’t want to. …

  4. That does suck! I’ve noticed that scales start to go in about three years and I need to replace our’s.

  5. I feel for you! I hate days when I have to go to the doctor for that very reason. My last pregnancy I always weighed standing backward on the scale (that helped my blood pressure stay low when they took it after weighing).

  6. That bites.
    Sorry for the setback Jen, but its a small one.

    I knew there was a reason i don’t have a scale in my house. Blasted things can’t be trusted.

  7. Regardless of the starting weight, you are still loosing weight and you still rock!! Home scales can be iffy sometimes for sure. Keep up the good work.

  8. Hang in there Jen!
    Don’t let this discourage you. I have a digital WW scale and I think it works very well, it was matched when I would go to a meeting.
    Someone once told me that if a scale is on the second floor of a house, that can affect it too. I think that’s weird, but you never know.
    Good luck!

  9. oh honey, that stinks! But at least you’re losing!

  10. I had the same issue. Except this time it was Zack who was playing with the “cool dial” on the scale and irrevocably broke it, making anyone who stood on it weigh about 76 pounds less then they actually do.

    I miss that scale.

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