Getting Started

I’m Suz.

And, I used to be thin.

I was thin, skinny really, all during my teens and early twenties. I remember being so proud that I could wear the same dress to my college graduation as I did to my high school graduation. That dress? It was a size eight.

Almost twenty years later and I’m thin no longer. And this is going to sound silly, but I don’t really know why. My eating habits have always been horrible. I’ve always liked potato, chips, and chocolate, but it never seemed to matter that much. I know that I did really go crazy when I was pregnant (two years ago) and lost most of the weight (except for ten pounds), but I’m still overweight.

“Your overweight,” my doctor said. “You need to loose weight. You need to loose at least thirty pounds for a normal BMI.”

“I know,” I said. “I’m trying.”

The thing about this is that I really haven’t been trying that hard to loose the weight. I’m not very good at dieting. I still find myself thinking of myself as a thin person who can eat whatever she wants, but one who just happens to be trapped in an overweight person’s body. I find that magic wand and BLOOWEY, I’m thin again.

Anyone have one they’d like to sell? I’ve check Ebay, but no dice.

In the absence of that magic wand, I’m going to start slowly. I’ve been on Weight Watchers; I’ve been off Weight Watchers. I’ve tried NutriSystem, the Zone Diet, Atkins, and just about anything you can think about. I might go wandering back to Weight Watchers eventually, but for now, I’m just going to try to set a goal a week and try to live up to it.

This week (or at least the days left in it)?

1) No eating after 7:30pm
2) Go to the gym at least three times
3) Open up my pedometer and learn how to use it
4) Comment on this blog and be supportive of other folks

So, there I am, getting started.


10 responses to “Getting Started

  1. Goals are a really good start — especially since you’ve put them in print and can keep an eye on them.

    Good luck!

  2. Great goals! Welcome Suz. We’re glad you are here and I look forward to working with your towards our goals.

  3. Your goals are realistic and do-able, very exciting.I used to be thin too. Now I am half way between fat and thin by 40lbs. Only 40lb to go, Yeah! Here is something I have learned; calories are calories. You can eat past 7pm just include it in your overall amount for the day. It is defiantly more relaxing for mind and body to eat just before going to bed. It also it keeps my blood sugar more even so I don’t feel jittery and desperate. There one less restriction.

  4. Good goals, I am particularly impressed with the gym attendance goal (my lack of coordination and hatred of public embarrassmnet and exercise keeps me out of gyms in general). As for Weight Watchers, I really like the online services. It is affordable, it has a ton of recipes and a cool program that calculates how many points your own recipes have.

  5. Baby steps! I can’t officially commit to a diet. It makes me panic. But I have committed to 30 minutes of exercise a day and try to eat less junk and drink more water. When those are under my belt, I’ll make other commitments. But say the “D” word and I suddenly get uncontrollable ridiculous cravings.

  6. I hear you on the whole “diet” thing. That’s why I like the weight watchers points plan, I shudder even thinking about going back to the core plan. shudder. shudder.

  7. I am totally a thin person stuck in an overweight body. I really do forget sometimes how much I have packed on in the past four years (and through the three pregnancies in those four years). If I had to buy a pair of jeans just by looking, not by the tag, I’d probably buy a size 8 or maybe 10 if I’m feeling depressed. In reality I am….well… not a size 10.
    See? Total denial.
    Good job committing to change. Good luck.

  8. Oh wow…I could have written that, that’s how similar our stories are! Good luck, and I love the goals you’ve chosen. I do the not after eating dinner one (ummm…when I’m being good, anyway), and it makes a huge difference.

  9. Welcome Suz. Great post, we’re glad to have you here.

  10. Ditto Suz. You sound like my long lost twin. However, sounds like I am twice your age. I understand the part about never having to worry about what you ate or your activity. I thought I would never have to worry. BAM!! It caught up to me. I did go on WW last year and set a goal to lose weight or drop a pant size before our Thanksgiving vacation. I did it. I was feeling better. I lost 15 pounds and dropped a size. I got to buy new pants at a store. (Although my favorite shopping is the Charity Stores and yard sales) Now, here I am a year later. Oh my. I put all that weight back on because I didn’t do the exercise like I was doing and ok the eating thing too. I haven’t gone back up a size yet. (No I can’t breath in my pants). I just need motivation. Good luck to you!! (The older I get the more I hate this gravity thing)

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