Step away from the chocolate

and no one gets hurt. 3 letters for you, PMS, enough said.

But seriously, this was a crazy busy weekend and I’m all hormonal and I didn’t do well resisting the temptation. Lasagna, cheesecake and cookies oh my.

Oh well, as Scarlett would say “Tomorrow is another day”. Just because I fell off the wagon this weekend I can still see it and run and jump back on.


6 responses to “Step away from the chocolate

  1. You have the right attitude. Falling off the wagon is not permanent. Hop back on and keep going!

  2. You go, girl! You are so right. Yesterday is done and over. Today is yours.

  3. Was there some chocolate that I missed this week?

  4. ooh, isn’t that a fluff-ism? If you eat while PMS-ing, the calories don’t really count?

    and yes, today is brand spanking new, you’re gonna do great!

  5. We’ll gladly give you a lift! =)

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