realistically speaking

Posted by Caroline 

Okay, so I’ve been all gung ho for this weight loss. I’m doing my plan, I’m fitting in as much exercise as I can; you know the shpeal. Anyhow, I’ve had an Ah-Ha moment. because you see, I’ve been telling myself, “Self, in a year, you’re gonna be so skinny!”  which in all reality is not going to happen.

Now please don’t tell me how I’m wrong and how I need to be positive and all that. I AM being positive. I’m also being realistic.

Realistically, I think I could lose 30 pounds by next Christmas. Realistically, it’s probably going to take me 3 years to “lose it all”  I didn’t get to this weight in a day. Shoot, I didn’t get to this weight in a year! So I’m changing my goals.

Do I want to be skinny? Eventually. Right now, I’m working on healthy. I want to be happy. I know that my whole lifestyle needs to change. Unfortunately, I can’t snap my fingers and make that happen over night.  In all reality, I wouldn’t, because I have a feeling that I’d end up back in the fluffy place.

At any rate, my new goal is to be realistic, and that means, slow and steady. Ah-freaking-Ha. 


8 responses to “realistically speaking

  1. Skinny does not equal healthy. It does not. You can be skinny and have terrible eating habits, not exercise, and even be flabby.

    Healthy is GOOD. Very good. Good eating habits. Regular exercise. You know the drill.

    Happy is also good. Mental health is crucial, as we all know.

    Being realistic is smart and I’m glad you haven’t set some lofty goals that will be hard to attain.

  2. Great ah ha Caroline! You’re so right. Slow and steady wins the race.

  3. What she said.

    Maybe try “Next year I’ll be skinnier.” It’s all relative.

    I’ve set a 10% weight loss goal with the date out at a -1lb a week rate, thinking some weeks will be better than that, and if so, that’s great. When I get there, I’ll set another 10% goal. I can’t think about the whole thing.

  4. That is my goal too! There really is NO WAY that I would be thin by next year, I hope to be preggers or have a new baby this time next year. But I want to be healthy or healthier. I CAN be stronger!

  5. “Ah-Freaking-Hah” made me giggle like crazy. Good for you for getting into a better mindset – isn’t it a great feeling?

  6. Yep, yep, yep… The thing I keep trying to remember is that if this whole losing weight thing has a chance of being permanent, that means permanently changing my lifestyle and how I deal with food, not going for the quick crash diet. So slow and steady – and you know what they say about slow and steady.

  7. It’s so true even though it’s hard for me. This has been a lifelong battle and so my “recovery” will have to be lifetime as well.

  8. Thank you Caroline and Moanna! Great perspectives and great ideas.

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