Ya Leave For a Couple of Weeks…

Posted by JustRandi 

WOW!   I left town for a few weeks, and came back to find a whole fluffy world out there!

And you are a collective fountain of wisdom.  I love that between us we have so much information and encouragement.

This week as I was trying to decide how I was going to battle the month of December, it occurred to me that planning ahead is often my biggest obstacle.  Not necessarily planning every morsel that goes into my mouth – but just having some things on hand that are ok to snack on.  for some reason, at 3 pm, my memory and my willpower take a siesta and neither one returns until about 7 pm.

So my goal is to post a list on the inside of my cabinet door, telling what are acceptable snacks for that time of day, and then to actually have those things on hand.

My requirements are:

  •     2 minutes or less prep time
  •     combo of carbs and protein  – small amt of fat OK
  •     must be easily purchased and stored

Obviously if portions are an issue you would write those out as well.  And here’s what I have so far:

  • Yogurt and a graham cracker
  • carrots and LF ranch
  • small apple and 1 oz cheddar cheese
  • whole grain crackers and 1 T cream cheese
  • celery sticks and 1 T peanut butter

I’d love to add any ideas you have!  Anyone?


13 responses to “Ya Leave For a Couple of Weeks…

  1. This is a GREAT list!

    My standbys are popcorn, rice cakes (wild rice), grapes, and almonds. Not a lot of protein, I know, but my mid-afternoon cravings usually involve salt.

  2. Chips and salsa (an actual portion of chips is 3 pts in WW)… you could add hummus or cheese if you need a little balance of protein, but the point/fat/calorie index raises quite a bit. Love me some beef jerky.

    My secret weapon is the Weight Watchers veggie soup. I make a pot of it, and heat up a bowl whenever I feel snacky or hungry. The points, they are ZERO!

  3. I’m not sure if tons of other people like this, but I love Edamame. I get them still in the pod because then it takes the time to suck each one out. It’s filling and it keeps my hands busy if I’m watching TV or reading. It’s what got me through the last week with no “bad snacks” in the afternoon.

  4. Good list. I’ve been trying to do the same. Pretzels with hummus have been good for me. I also always keep the lowfat kettle korn around. It’s good for a little sweet and salty. Yogurt with a little low fat granola is a good treat too.

    Bon, I’d like to have that veggie soup recipe if you care to share.

  5. Nature Valley Roasted Almond Granola bars. Yum! Kashi seven grain crackers (ranch flavour is yummy), and here’ s a weird one; steamed broccoli. I keep frozen broccoli in the freezer at all times. Toss it in the microwave with a little water in a covered container…and a few minutes later? Yummy snack. I’m leaning towards the warm stuff lately, since it’s so, so cold here. Also, half a flax seed bagel with a smear of peanut butter is nice.

  6. For sweet, I’m all about the dried pineapple. It’s delicious. (If you like dried pineapple) plus, I also do the chips and salsa thing, and potato’s. When I make potatos for dinner, I make a lot and the extra’s go in the fridge.

    My go-to snack though, is pepperochini’s. I LOVE them. pepperochini’s with some cauliflower and a couple of cherry tomatoes? heaven.

  7. I can’t find the new (and tastier) recipe for the soup online… I’ll have to go and get my book.

  8. I love spicy stuff too, Caroline. I used to love to eat hot dill pickles. Regular dill pickles are good too. I think they are 7 calories or something crazy like that? I usually have a box of sugar-free fudgesicles in the fridge or popsicles (yes, even when it’s cold) because not only are they low calorie (15 – 35 calories), but the cold reduces your appetite. I used to buy skinny cows all the time but they’re so pricy…

  9. Oh, and oops – neither of those have protein :>

  10. 1 Asian Pear = 0 WW points
    10ish baby carriots + 1/2c FF refried beans = 1 WW point
    Apple any variety = 2 WW points
    1 med or lg orange = 1 WW point
    5 saltines + 1 babybel cheese = 2 WW points
    1 c grape tomatoes = 1 WW point
    1 bell pepper of your color choice cut into strips = 0 WW points

    And as always, drink your water before you eat. Most times when you are “hungry” you are just really thirsty.

  11. OK- These are all wonderful! Thanks so much, and keep em coming!

  12. I hate cottage cheese, seriously hate it. But I actually enjoy it with cold grapes mixed in and half a sweet-n-low packet sprinkled on top. It is actually a refreshing snack.

  13. 1 c. Pirates booty (By Roberts Gourmet, sometimes in the health food aisle)

    1 c. Pearl Chocolate soymilk (by Kikkoman, sometimes in the health food aisle)

    ½ a pear sliced thin with 1 oz of blue cheese -OR- an Apple and Swiss cheese

    1 oz Swiss cheese (@room temp) with ¼ c. Welches purple grape juice or grapes

    ½ a banana or a small apple with 3 walnuts

    3 peanut butter & cheese crackers with ½ c. skim milk

    2 c. Butter-light popcorn with Lowery’s season salt -OR- garlic salt & cayenne

    ½ c cottage cheese with ½c. tomatoes, a few croûtons and a sprinkle of lemon or lime pepper

    Tomatoes with balsamic vinegar

    Nestles hot chocolate

    1 thin slice Swiss cheese wrapped with a slice of lean ham & a dill pickle

    1 big dill pickle & 1oz Sharp cheddar cheese

    ½ Triple Threat Power bar – Chocolate Caramel Fusion

    10-15 Lays Baked Potato Chips & 2T Fritos Bean Dip

    3 dried apricots with 10 almonds

    1 boiled egg and a little can of V8 -OR- Pretzels & V8

    8 Wheat thins and a little can of Spicy V8

    3-4 California roll sushi (I like Costco’s with the sesame seed coating)

    ½ c pomegranate seeds -OR- a small tangerine -OR- 1T Crasins with a few thin slices of rotisserie chicken breast

    ½ c Strawberries and 2T spray whipped cream

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