Love the Fluff

That’s right–for a moment, just love the fluff. Go here and feast your eyes on some major fluffines. (Yes, this is the second time I’ve stolen post content from my sister Nancy. It’s not my fault she isn’t a contributor here!)

If only our rolls and pudgy knees were as adorable!


5 responses to “Love the Fluff

  1. So. Very. Cute.

    (If those are babies, that is. Otherwise, ewwww.)

  2. So adorable and delicious. Why is it that baby fat is so cute, but baby fat on adults is so NOT cute?

  3. That’s my chubby little Isaiah. And if you think that’s bad – he’s the skinniest of my three babies yet! My first two had twice the rolls!
    It’s all just more to love, ladies.
    If you need some affirmation about fluff being OK, try watching Hairspray. I love it.

  4. That is the cutest fluff I have ever seen.

  5. ~sniff sniff~ I wuv fwuff.

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