Staying healthy

We all know that fighting the fluffy involves exercise and good eating habits.  I think that a positive attitude is also very important.  One thing we haven’t talked about here though is  staying healthy, especially now that we’re in cold and flu season.  It’s hard to stay on track when we’re dealing with a cold or the flu or (heaven forbid) a stomach bug.

One of the magazines I read is Health and I went to their website and found a couple of helpful articles.  Read here about tactics to outsmart the flu and read this for food that help fight colds.


6 responses to “Staying healthy

  1. I wish I’d read this yesterday. I’m SO sick right now. Blerg.

  2. One thing I did last year was to use those antibacterial wipes on the shopping cart handle every time I went to the store. My baby only got 1 cold last year, and I think that helped.
    It was interesting how many people looked at me strangely while I was wiping down every inch of that cart. Hey, I will do most anything if it will keep my kid healthy enough not to keep waking up all night because he’s so congested that he can’t breathe.
    I also bought the kids antibacterial gel to take with them to school.

  3. Psshhh! Just get the flu first, like me, then watch all the others suffer! Interesting fact, my family gets sick less in India then we did in the US. I guess paranoia has its uses.

  4. LOL. I’ve already started making some chicken noodle for dinner tonight. Yeah. I’m so on top of it.

    Okay, really my kids are just sick. Whatever, a girl can dream.

  5. Amy, if it makes you feel better, I totally zoned on getting my flu shot this year, so I feel like a walking target. Luckily, everyone else in the house is safe…

  6. Good information. I am way more likely to head for the comfort foods when I don’t feel well.

    My new favorite this is Emergen-C. Lots of vitamin C and other goodies.

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