Vacation diet

O.K. I’m sitting here writing this post after looking at those darling duck shaped sugar cookies at the top of my screen. Sugar cookies are my favorite! mmmmmm Unfortunately, licking the screen just makes my tongue dusty.
We are planning a vacation to Disneyland. I am really worried about my food choices there. I love all of it! I’m worried, because the last time we went, I gained 10 lbs in one week.
We are discussing our food strategy with the kids. We will not buy the greasy fried kids meals, they can either share an adult entree between them, or with us. (we are hoping this will cost less also)
I also love all of the junk food. Cotton candy is my favorite. And churros, and ice cream and candied apples, and fudge……..well, you get the point.
I have been walking on my treadmill for 4 days straight! I hope that when we go to the magical kingdom, that I will get at least as much walking in as I do on the treadmill.
I weighed in today. I have lost 1.7 lbs. However, I did get my hair cut and I shaved my legs today, and that could account for quite a bit of that.
At least I haven’t gained.
Any other ideas of how to stay on the diet while on vacation?


12 responses to “Vacation diet

  1. I have not eaten food from the happiest place on earth in 20 years because it is just too expensive. A backpack full of small water bottles (that can be refilled at drinking fountains) and snack food is a Disneyland must for my family. I even pack PB&J sandwiches. Now of course PB&J is not a great diet choice, but you get the idea. We are going to Disneyland in December too! If you see two very fluffy people with 8 kids with them (we are picking up a spare)that just might be us!

  2. One more – maybe you could promise yourself two peices of fudge on the last day if you are good the rest of the time.

  3. I agree with everything that Amy says. Go to the grocery store down there and stock up on healthy stuff. Grapes don’t travel well in backpacks, but apples and carrots do. I also agree that a small indulgence, possibly even every day, is a good way to reward yourself.

  4. I’m with them – that’s all I know to do – take healthy (and less expensive) snacks.

    And I bet you’ll be doing a fair amount of walking, which can’t hurt, right?

  5. We just went in Oct.. you CAN do this! Just give yourself permission to not eat the whole thing of whatever! They have things like salads and chile and chicken… but I like the ideas Amy has… to take your own snacks. Is much kinder to the pocketbook!

    Plus… don’t discount the satisfaction that comes from TASTING these treats you love. Let you kids get a treat with the understanding that you get nibble-rights. Three of four decent pinches of cotton candy tastes even better than eating a whole bags worth. Really. Trust me!

  6. “Your” and “three OR four”… I gotta start proofreading!

  7. Plus the food at Disneyland is GROSS. Well, except for the churros. And the fudge. O.k., and the candied apples. But the hamburgers, sandwhiches – that type of stuff? Gross.

    I don’t know if it’s possible to gain weight at Disneyland though because you walk ALL FREAKING DAY. I’m so jealous though – we went to Disneyland last November, right after Thanksgiving, and my kids had the best time of their lives I think. It was really great.

    Loved this post.

  8. Google it. Find a grocery store near your hotel. Buy healthy foods you enjoy and back a backpack around. Let yourself have to occasional treat, but don’t live on treats. =)

  9. I had my weigh-in today and my leader (who I love) said the simplest thing. Never let yourself get hungry. So many of us hold off eating before we go to a restaurant or a party…and then show up starving….and eat/drink everything in sight. My best advice would be to make sure you eat each day before you go to “magic land” and bring an apple or some nuts in your purse to have on hand. Have a great time. Just think how wonderful you’ll feel to come back from a great vacation without having to fear the scale. A vacation should be about enjoying the sights, the sounds, your family….not the food!

  10. I think you are well on the way by starting to plan it out now.

    Everyone had great advice and I totally agree with all these smart people.

  11. Oh yeah, don’t forget to have fun!!

  12. So I think you should make your plan, then do your best. Whatever happens, happens. Vacationing with children can be so stressful anyway, and you are so out of your routine, you can expect that your body may react in unexpected ways.

    If you come back and you’ve gained, then at least you did your best and had a good time. Let your vacation be fun and not overly stressful. I don’t advocate going totally off plan on vacation, but I do say you should do your best and then go with the flow.

    It’s not about the individual weeks on the plan, but the overall trend. And if your overall trend is down, then that is great.

    And have a fabulous vacation.

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