Time to think about getting serious!

Several months ago my husband and I were faced with the decision of whether we should invest in a piece of exercise equipment or join a gym. In the past they have both turned out to be a waste of our money, and yet, we are eternal optimists (or very stupid) and so we convinced ourselves that this time it would be different. Well, that is only partly true. I was faking it. I knew that I would never do either of those things, but I felt like my husband would would be disappointed in me if I admitted it out loud. So I played along and cast my vote for the stationary bicycle. I figured that if I were going to exercise, it was way more likely that I would ride the bike than that I would go to a gym. True to form I have not once planted myself on that bicycle seat. Not even the obligatory “yeah, you picked a good one” sit down that one does when a new piece of equipment joins the family.

Now I am faced with the knowledge that if I am going to continue to write about losing weight in a public forum, I should probably take steps to ensure that I lose some weight. I am going to have to sit on that bike. I know I am. Perhaps if I am reading a super good book I won’t even realize that I am exercising. My children have sworn that I can hold whole conversations that I later have no recollection of if I am reading.

This week I managed to lose 2 pounds, for which I am grateful. My goals for next week are to lose 2 more pounds and to convince myself that I will be ready to exercise the next week. 


7 responses to “Time to think about getting serious!

  1. You GO Amy!

    Seriously… we have one of those dust catchers sitting not two yards away from me. You can DO this though!

    (BTW congrats on the two pounds!)

  2. I am trying to figure out what to do with my workout right now. I changed jobs and no longer have a gym in my parking lot. I commute on the train so it allows me to walk a few blocks so I’ve decided to get off the train a stop early so I can walk a bit more and see if I can get in a few extra minues of something.

    Good luck with the bike!!

  3. Way to go on losing those two pounds!

    I’m with you. I hate the exercise. I love the way I feel later and really love casually dropping my workouts into conversation but as far as the actual doing of? Not so much.

    I’ll be here cheering you on! And trying to motivate myself…

  4. Brilliant – love how realistic your goals are. I might just hop on the treadmill tonight…

  5. well, if you think really hard, it might burn some extra calories… or is that a fluff-ism? Hmmm. I’m not sure. You should probably check with someone who’s, you know, not fluffy.

  6. YAY YOU!

    A suggestion: Music. Get an iPod or MP3 player, upload some peppy music and plug in. I walk so much faster when I have a steady stream of great tunes. And, I promise you won’t get bored so quickly.

    Keep up the GREAT work!

  7. Agree with Jen on the music. I’ve learned that I won’t do any exercise I think is boring.

    And when I go walking? I totally have to have a story I’m telling myself. So I bring up some old daydream, or start thinking about what will happen when I’m skinny and fabulous (although at this stage of life that’s quite boring – my family will say, wow, you’re skinny, and that’s about it), or just – something that will keep me amused and/or motivated.

    The boredom is what is life sucking. I want one of those treadmills that has a TV in it. They need one where you can blog while you exercise ;>

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