Weighing in after Turkey Day

Monday is my weigh-in day and today was my second time to step on the scales since I started WW two weeks ago.  Unlike last week, when I was nervous, not knowing to expect, this time I was calm, in spite of having indulged a couple of times over the long weekend.  I had exercised diligently and kept my food points within in good ranges.

* Six pounds! *

That’s 10 pounds total in two weeks.

[cheering, confetti falling from the sky, a marching band playing Sousa]

It seemed like a lot and I was suspicious the first time I stepped on the scale, so I stepped back up again.   Then I checked to make sure the scale was calibrated properly and weighed myself again, just to be sure.  Nope, same numbers each time.

So I’m feeling a wee bit pleased with myself today, tinged with the suspicion that my fat cells will stage a coup this week and try to regain some of their lost comrades.  Just to be sure, I’ll be extra careful with the food (again) and continue with the increased exercise.

Happy Monday!


13 responses to “Weighing in after Turkey Day

  1. Brava! Sometimes it’s just the little modifications that make such a huge difference. You know, cutting out the M&Ms after breakfast, that sort of thing. Anyway, here’s a fistful of cyberconfetti your way:::::::::::::::::

  2. Oh, Jen, YEA YOU! How awesome! I’m thrilled for you! Congrats, girl!

  3. Jen, I am so happy for you. That is wonderful. You go girl!


  4. Way to go Jen! What an inspiration!

  5. That’s awesome. Way to go.

  6. Wow-eeeee! Congratulations. You DO rock!

  7. Wow, you are a weight loss rock star. Good for you.

  8. Holy cow! It’s time to go buy some new pants!

  9. iwright: As a matter of fact, the jeans I’m wearing today are pretty saggy in the butt area, but I don’t think 10 pounds merits a shopping spree quite yet. Maybe in another 10-15 pounds. (And if that were in three weeks, I’d be thrilled, but I’m guessing it will more like January, at the earliest.)

  10. I will not feel envy, I will not feel envy, I will not feel envy! Oh alright, I’m envious!


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