Monday Monday

Alright, I’m back, it’s Monday, I’m starting fresh. These last couple days just ticked me off. I did really good over the holiday, then on Friday, we had to go to California and me being my bright stellar self, left the cooler, with all our snacks and meals, on the counter. We ended up eating out for every meal at not so healthy places… and while I did manage to make smart choices,  I also managed to gain 3 pounds. Bleh. (Sidenote- How oh HOW do these fast-food places manage to cram so many calories into a salad?!?!? Seriously, if your salad is heavy, you’re making it wrong!) At any rate, I’m still LESS than when I started, so, I’m going to count it as a win…


6 responses to “Monday Monday

  1. Fast food salads are definitely food porn.

    But you have the right attitude. Today is a new day and you’ve already lost some weight.

  2. I have no idea why they make salads that way. Something that looks so healthy is soooo bad.

    It’s good that you have a positive attitude for the start of the week. You can do it!

  3. I gained four pounds this weekend. Want to be grouchy and rededicated together? =P

  4. Seems like the standard weight gain is four pounds! Here’s hoping it gets flushed. Sorry, TMI.

    You’re doing great if you are still less than when you started…Thanksgiving is a tough one. We’ll be hanging in there with you!

  5. One restaurant (named for the owners daughter, hint, hint) actually gives you a cup of chili and a little pouch of sour cream! It’s practically nachos on lettuce!

  6. haha! Nachos on lettuce!

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