A New Fluffy Fighter Joins the Ranks

My sister Nancy has become a post-Thanksgiving Fluffy Fighter. Here’s her holiday fitness plan:

 OK. It’s post Thanksgiving. One of the serious down-sides of hosting Thanksgiving is that all the leftovers are at my house (this is also one of the perks, but you get my drift). There is still pretty much an entire pie in my fridge. There are M&M’s and cookies and Kisses and other chocolates in my “snack cupboard”. Not to mention that there is still Halloween candy in this house (at least all the chocolate is gone by now). And Christmas is prime cookie time. I can think of at least three kinds of cookies that are emotionally tied to Christmas for me. I want to make them (and eat them) all in the next month.
When I had my Gallbladder removed I managed to loose 10 pounds. I have gained at least 7 of those pounds back. But I really liked that month or so that my jeans were loose. I would like to loose those 7 pounds again plus 10 more. That is my goal. I’m putting it out there for all of you. If you didn’t want to know…well, too bad. I lost those 10 pounds in just a week by eating only fruits and veggies – so I figure if I eat mostly fruits and veggies now maybe I can loose those 10 in two weeks. Plus I can exercise so maybe that will help too. The exercise plan is to 1) wear a pedometer and take 10,000 steps a day 2)Dance with the kids every day for at least 10 minutes 3) Occasionally actually exercise (I’m still working on the plan for that one).
All this was inspired by Fight the Fluffy , which my sister, Angela, is a contributor to. It’s a great join-the-group kind of support blog. Plus I love calling my extra weight “fluff.” Fluff seems much more manageable than fat.


10 responses to “A New Fluffy Fighter Joins the Ranks

  1. Hi Nancy and welcome to the group. Sounds like a pretty good plan you have. Good luck, it’s good to have you.

  2. Oh yeah! I feel so welcome! Thanks guys.

  3. Welcome aboard Nancy. I’m glad you have a plan and am sure you’ll meet your goal soon.

  4. Hey there! Here’s to being a loser!

  5. Hey, good luck Nancy – hopefully well be losing together!

  6. Hi and Welcome Nancy! Sounds like a great plan!

  7. Good luck! Get those left overs out of your fridge. Maybe you could have some people over for an all left over dinner? Then you would only eat one portion instead of seven.

  8. Hello Nancy! I applaud your choice to join pre-Christmas…

  9. Hi Nancy! Welcome! Do you want to become a super official member? Let me know, and I will set you up.

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