The Ying and Yang of Thanksgiving

I was very good on Thanksgiving.  I had one VERY FULL plate of yummy food and I went back for a second helping, and only filled up 1/2 a plate.  I had no dessert.  None.  I know!  Yes, I did pat myself on the back.

 Today I am 4 pounds heavier then I was before Thanksgiving. 

Oh, yes.  I forgot.  On Friday, I shared ate a bin of Harry & David popcorn while watching old family movies with my parents.  On Saturday, my sweet little mom prepared breakfast for me.  Yes.  I know, she is sweet.  And somehow when someone makes YOU breakfast it tastes amazing.  So I ate.  A lot.  On Saturday I attended a tree lighting festival in the heart of Chicago and had to sample  eat 2 amazing Mader brats with sauwerkraut.  Yes, two. We drove home the next day and I snacked ate an entire bag of raw hazelnuts that was right before stopping at a McDonalds at the rest stop. 

Today is Sunday.  I am 4 pounds heavier then I was after Thanskgiving dinner.

 Oh me.  Oh my.  I can’t even button my “fat” jeans today.



6 responses to “The Ying and Yang of Thanksgiving

  1. It was just a weekend. Tomorrow is a new day!

  2. I’m four pounds heavier too! And we didn’t even Thanksgiving up here!

  3. Repeat after me – water and salt and food. I guarantee that once you poop you will be down a few pounds, heh heh heh

    No way did you consume 14,000 calories – which is what you would have to have eaten in order to have gained four pounds of fat.

  4. Tony Robbins has a saying I really like, “Your past does not equal your future.” It’s a really good saying and it cost someone (not me, I borrowed it) a lot of money! So, forgive yourself quick and try again!

  5. In my best Scarlett O’hara voice “After all, tomorrow is another day”

    Don’t beat yourself up and get back up on that I’ll lend you a hand.

  6. That’s okay. As much as it sucks, it happens to us all…

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